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Sep 28, 2015 12:00 AM ET

Archived: SecureMyValuables.com About To Launch Revolutionary New Software Designed To Keep/or Rebuild A Digital Inventory Of All Belongings In Case Of Disaster

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2015

CALIFORNIA. When The Thimmigs suffered a “Disaster” in their home and lost hundreds of personal

valuables, they spent many months mentally shoveling through the destroyed remnants of their lives,

trying to list what their family had lost in the fire.


Home and Business owners like these, use precious time to recall what all they had. Now, with

[SecureMyValuables.com], they can focus on a faster claim resolution with their Insurance Partner,

getting back to their pre-disaster status.


SecureMyValuables.com provides the means to keep/or rebuild a digital inventory of all personal

belongings in the event of a disaster.


“While dealing with the stress and frustration of a disaster, it’s impossible to recall everything you

owned,” Thimmig says.” With such stress, though I could see the big items, the countless little things

were a blur”.


This is where SecureMyValuables.com shines! Those who suffer disasters in the “Insured world” would

be in a better position and frame of mind with a “Digital Inventory” of all their belongings in a safe

storage, off site! Their accurate claim will be able to be adjusted more promptly.


Yvonne Ray, a senior citizen, suffered a major fire in 2011. Her Insurance Company “helped me

wonderfully with the building damage and put me up in a comfortable apartment while repairs were



However, when tasked with compiling a “list of all her belongings” “I was overwhelmed, which added to

my already extreme stress”. They gave me some paper and told me to compile my list. It took over a

year, and I know I missed a lot of items.”


When told of SecureMyValuables.com, Yvonne knew that program would have saved her time and

would have resulted in a far more accurate list for her insurance claim.


“Having a program with prompts for items that can be found in my home, room by room, would have

helped me to remember what was lost”, she says. What I had to do back then took quite a toll on my

health. Those who use SecureMyValuables.com will be able to avoid unnecessary grief.


SecureMyValuables.com developed a “Memory Assist” software feature with technology designed to

augment an individual’s mind and trigger the thought process that leads towards remembering even the

smallest of belongings.


“It’s the little things that add up and can help you get back more of what you lost”, says Steve Dockins,

SMV Executive Vice President. “When disaster strikes, will you remember ALL the things you had? NO!

SMV helps individuals keep a “cloud-based” digital inventory of all their currant belongings in the event

of a disaster. The list is remote, not lost in the disaster.


Having friends and family who’ve experience losses, Dockins has seen firsthand the painful process of

compiling “The List”. It’s burdensome, time consuming and stressful to remember all that was lost.

While conducting extensive research on this topic, Dockins found that there was nothing in the

technological world that could truly help people build a list before a disaster, and especially to help

people who needed a list after a disaster.


As a result, Dockins along with Ray Thibault, a computer-software designer, in combination with others

who were former adjusters for insurance companies, developed a program to help people reconstruct a

list of personal items lost in a disaster.


Laura Cervantes, suffered a fire to her home in 2006. “Just dealing with the emotional stress of having to

start all over again was overwhelming. Then to deal with trying to remember what I lost added to my

stress. SecureMyValuables.com would have greatly eased that burden!


Dockins has decided to go the “Crowdfunding” route on Indiegogo to get SecureMyValuables.com

software out to as many people as possible.


“Disasters are a fact of life. Recovering from them will be expedited as this technology is made available

to the insurance carrying masses”,” says Dockins. “When they see this program, they will come!”

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