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Sep 28, 2015 2:21 PM ET

Archived: SCOUTEE – The World’s First Smart Speed Radar: Turn your phone into a speed radar, record your baseball pitching speed and videos, analyze results, and share talent with the world.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2015

You love baseball. So do we. We want to contribute to the development of this wonderful sport and empower young baseball players all around the world to reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

This is why we developed SCOUTEE – the world’s first smart speed radar.

With SCOUTEE you can turn your phone into an actual speed radar, record pitching speed and videos, save and analyze pitch parameters and results, and share them with the world. You will never have to manually write down speed, type, location or result of the pitch again!

Scoutee is a small device that fits into the palm of your hand. The reliable radar technology inside Scoutee measures the speed and then transfers the data via Bluetooth to a custom app on your phone, so you can see your pitching speed right on your phone screen. 



Within the app you can determine also other parameters of the pitch, such as type, location, and result. All this data is saved in the app on your phone so you can instantly access months of training data and track your progress over time.

And that’s not all! You can even record a video of your pitching technique and measure the speed at the same time! The video with pitch data overlaid is saved to your phone so you can analyze your technique and share the video with your friends, coaches and scouts.

Our award-winning design team came up with an intuitive design without any complicated settings or buttons. SCOUTEE is easy to set up and you can quickly learn how to use it. 

We want every young player to be safe and to train responsibly, which is why we also included a very important feature – pitch count with adjustable pitch limit and a warning once that limit is reached.

You can use SCOUTEE for training purposes or just for playing catch in the backyard. SCOUTEE’s innovative design allows you to easily snap it onto your phone with a small magnet sticker, put it on a tripod, hang it onto the fence, or just hold it in your hand.


SCOUTEE is reliable and accurate, but so incredibly small and convenient, that you can carry it with you anywhere you go!


SCOUTEE is the world’s first smart speed radar. It is a unique solution that will forever change how baseball players and coaches all over the world track progress and expose talent. 

Today pitching speed is still measured with traditional big and expensive radar guns, using pen and paper or excel sheets – pretty much the same technology that has been around for over 40 years. A lot of additional equipment is also needed to write down the pitching speed and other parameters of the pitch and record video of pitching technique.

We believe players, parents, coaches, and scouts deserve a simple and intuitive solution to be able to record performance and track progress every single day. SCOUTEE responds to this challenges by putting a convenient, intuitive, affordable and smart solution into the hands of every player and coach.

Convenient: SCOUTEE is so small you can simply put it into your pocket and carry it with you anywhere you go.

Smart: SCOUTEE measures the speed of your pitching and then saves all the data to your phone.

Reliable: Our engineers made sure SCOUTEE is as accurate as any other speed radar on the market.

Simple to use: SCOUTEE is an intuitive device without any complicated settings or buttons. It’s easy to set up and you can quickly learn how to use it.

Safe to use: We want every young player to be safe and to train responsibly, which is why we included one very important feature into our custom app – limit your pitch count and get a warning once you reach that number.

Versatile: There are so many ways you can use SCOUTEE! Attach it to your phone with a powerful magnet sticker, put it on a tripod or hang it onto a fence, let it measure your pitching speed and see the results instantly on your phone screen.

Our engineers have made sure that SCOUTEE is as accurate as the best speed radars on the market. A state-of-the-art Doppler radar technology is completely designed and manufactured in Europe. We work closely with a signal processing lab to make sure SCOUTEE meets your needs in terms of accuracy and range. Scoutee’s long battery life will get you through an average baseball game and last even longer than that.

Scoutee custom app allows you to measure pitching speed and save many other pitch parameters. The app will be available for iOS and Android in the first phase.


Scoutee pack includes one SCOUTEE, a magnet sticker, a carabiner, a custom screw, a usb charging cable, a draw-string bag, and a free app. 

 *Phone not included.

The SCOUTEE story started when Miha, a former baseball pitcher and CEO of Scoutee realized that just like him years ago, even today many young baseball players still lack a convenient, reliable and affordable device to help them with their trainings and improving their technique. At the same moment he realized that coaches of smaller teams all around the world have the same problem – with limited funds many teams can’t afford expensive training tools and therefore have no way of tracking their players’ performance or keeping record of their statistics.

As we all carry around our smartphones, he came up with the idea of making a small and affordable radar that connects to your phone. This way young players anywhere in the world have the opportunity to measure and save their results and keep track of their progress over time, using only SCOUTEE and their phone. They are also able to record videos of the pitching and measure the speed at the same time, again, using nothing else but SCOUTEE and their phone!

SCOUTEE is also an invaluable tool for coaches of smaller teams all over the world to keep track of their players’ performance and stats.

As a former pitcher, Miha was also aware how important it is to keep young players safe from hurting their arms so he insisted on including the customizable “pitch limit warning” feature into the solution.

“It is you, baseball professionals and young baseball players, whose lives we’re trying to change with SCOUTEE. We are dedicated to bringing opportunity to every baseball-loving kid in the world! We will do whatever it is in our power to contribute to the development of this great sport.” Miha Uhan, Co-Founder & CEO of Scoutee

Love for the game and innovation brought together a team of co-founders – a former baseball player (Miha), a hardware engineer (Luka), an experienced radar technology engineer (Tomaž) and a marketing expert (Majda).

More people from the fields of fields od digital signal processing, embedded software development, industrial design, and web and app design and development joined the SCOUTEE core team recently, who all share boundless energy and passion for sports analytics that is aimed at disrupting the sports market by creating the world’s first smart speed radar.

There are also people who believed in SCOUTEE and enabled this project to happen and we would like to especially thank them:

Video: Luka Stanovnik, Dominik Istenič, Rok Lukšič, Matej Marinko, Toni Stanovnik, Miha Zore, Denis Artač, Nina Jordanovski (Bright Visuals)

Photo: Jernej Šuligoj (PEPSPics)

Business consulting: Niko Klanšek (BizMe)

Also, we wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for our dear friends from Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund, who recognized the potential of our innovative idea early on. We’re really thankful for their full support.


We are team of dedicated makers, engineers and researchers and we are on a mission to build the first smart speed radar. For the last year and a half we have been working hard for SCOUTEE to become a reality. We’ve spent hundreds of hours designing, prototyping, coding and testing SCOUTEE – from the first proof of concept until the reliable high-performance SCOUTEE solution.

SCOUTEE is designed to be small enough to be always with you. Our team of industrial designers also made sure SCOUTEE is robust enough for an active life of an athlete or a coach.

Because one of the great features of SCOUTEE is that it can be an effective add-on for your smartphone, we have spent weeks thinking about the most simple and yet universal way of mounting SCOUTEE to your smartphone. We have decided for a magnet sticker that can be attached to any surface and that is unobtrusive enough to not alter the looks of your phone.

We don’t compromise. We employed the best state-of-the-art Doppler radar technology and developed smart signal processing algorithms to achieve highest possible range, accuracy and reliability of the speed measurement in a small and handy product size. We performed numerous indoor and field tests to assure the reliable and accurate performance of the product. Scoutee is connected to your Smart Phone using Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy (BLE) technology.

Low-power consumption provides long battery life, whereas connection to your phone allows you to easily perform measurements using smart phone interface, to save every single measurement, to combine speed measurement with video information, to track and analyze your progress and to share the data with the world.

Over multiple development phases we evolved the radar and processing part of the product dramatically. We started with simple of-the-shelf Doppler radar sensor combined with simple low-cost speed detection processing in our first working prototype. But to meet the final range and accuracy demands of the product we ended up with high-performance Doppler radar transceiver together with high-gain low-noise IF amplifying stages. The final processing part consists of two combined ARM Cortex cores, one taking over BLE communication and the other designed and dedicated to run proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms.

Our team has years of experience developing electronics, so we have designed product with components availability and manufacturing process in mind (DFM/DFA).

SCOUTEE is almost production-ready, we are in the design-for-manufacturing phase, so our latest hardware version is tested by our engineering and manufacturing experts on a daily basis.

We are experts in our areas and we know how to run bases! Now we need your help to hit one out of the ball park! Your support is crucial for SCOUTEE’s further development and its contribution to the development of young players worldwide.

We have almost developed SCOUTEE to be just perfect for you! Now we need your help to finish the tooling, finalize the app and start the production.

We want to provide young players worldwide with an amazing training tool that would empower them to improve their skills and reach their full potential. Help us contribute to the amazing global baseball community!


*Phone not included.

 As for our t-shirt, you will be able to select between these two cool designs:



Contact Information:


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