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Archived: Build a Well in Somalia for Hinda Elmi: Donate to build a well in Somalia on behalf of a beloved mother, wife and friend who passed away during Hajj 2015

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Build a Well in Somalia for Hinda Elmi


On Eid Day, 2015, a family suddenly lost their beloved mother…

Hinda Mahamud Elmi was performing Hajj with her son this year. On September 24, 2015, she was separated from him and lost her life suddenly in the tragic events of theMina stampede. May Allah (swt) have mercy on her and accept her beautiful final deeds…

The Toronto community has come together to raise funds to build a well in Sr. Hinda’s home country, in her name. God-willing, the well will provide people in a remote location in Somalia access to fresh, clean water. 

Sr. Hinda was a beloved mother, wife, neighbour, and friend who strongly championed her children’s education. Due to her sacrifices and constant encouragement (as well as the blessings of God), three of her children have memorized the full Quran.

This is just a small glimpse into the kind of woman and mother she was.

The funds to build a well will be directed to Human Concern International.

If we exceed our fundraising goal, we will put any excess amount toward the Al-Huda Institute scholarship fund, as Sr. Hinda’s daughters study the Quran there. This will ease the path of students who wish to pursue Islamic knowledge.

Please donate generously – any amount whether large or small that you are able to donate will help us establish this sadaqah jariyyah for Sr. Hinda. We hope that this act of charity benefits her and brings much needed comfort to her grieving family.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said, “A slave of Allah will continue to get rewarded for seven things after they are deceased and in their graves: 1- Whoever taught knowledge. 2- Facilitated a pathway for water 3- Built a well 4- Planted a tree 5- Built a Masjid 6- Gave a copy of the Quran 7- Left a child behind that will seek forgiveness for them after their death.”

O Lord, grant forgiveness to Sr. Hinda. Elevate her among those who are near to You. Take charge of her family at all times. Forgive us and her, O Lord of the Worlds. Widen her grave and make it light for her. Grant her family patience, tranquility, and contentment with Your decree. Elevate them in status and reunite them with all whom they love in paradise where there is no more suffering, pain, or sadness. 


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Asmaa Hussein

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