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Sep 27, 2015 4:36 PM ET

Archived: Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 27, 2015

Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary

What is crowdfunding?

This is our first crowdfunding campaign and so it may also be the first time you have encountered a crowdfunding campaign as well.

So, what is it? Crowdfunding is asking a crowd of people to donate a defined amount of money for a specific cause or project in exchange for various rewards. It has been used to help fund Barack Obama’s presidential race, exploding kitten card games, smart phone watches and campaigns to abolish slave labour in 3rd world countries to name just a few. In this case, the amount you pledge will help us fund the completion of our film as well as allowing you access to bevy of unique gifts and experiences only we can provide.

Which means.. everybody wins!

So throw caution to the wind, take out that line of credit and sell that 2nd kidney that you didn’t really need anyway and get pledging and enjoy the spoils of your spend. 

The story of the project

“A man’s house is his castle and fortress.” – Sir Edward Coke (The Institutes of the Laws of England, 1628)

But could one man’s doughnut van be his castle too?

Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary is a short film that captures the story of Nick Tsiligiris, a 76 year old doughnut maker. Nick has been tempting locals and visitors alike with the delicious scent of his freshly made hot jam doughnuts, at Footscray train station in Melbourne’s inner west, everyday since 1979.

Up until 2014, Nick worked out of his old caravan underneath the pedestrian footbridge at the Footscray Railway Station. It was at this time the Regional Rail Link began their major redevelopment of the station and it was the fate of Nick and his rusty old doughnut caravan that resonated in the hearts and minds of the local community.

Would the caravan disappear in the face of a $3.7 billion dollar rail project or would an old man’s passion for his doughtnuts and community prevail? 

This film is being produced through Open Channel’s Raw Nerve production initiative, supporting three teams to make a short film with a small budget contribution and ongoing production assistance.

Open Channel

Why make this film?

The best stories we tell are the ones we are most familiar with. Ones that resonate from the wellspring of our own experience and empathy.

When we were thinking of a story to document on film, there was only one we felt we really wanted to tell. The story of Footscray, Nick Tsiligiris and his Olympic Doughnut van. As film makers, we want to tell stories that give oxygen to people and their stories that are often overlooked. These stories often fall through the cracks of our constantly over-stimulated society. The story of Nick and his doughnut van is one of those that could have easily fallen through those cracks.

Our film will be an ode to Footscray, one of the most culturally and economically diverse suburbs in Australia, as well as a man who has captured the hearts and minds of people with his doughnuts and zest for life. The inspiration for the donutumentary of Olympic Nick was through word of mouth from local businesses and members of the community. We were regaled with various stories of Nick’s trials while remaining in business during the Footscray Station rebuild. As we researched further into the stories and began talking with Nick, it became very apparent that the majesty and iconic status of Nick and his doughnuts were something that warranted a film.

This is a story about our passions in life.
A story about community and what that means.
A story about change.
But essentially this is a story about a man, his doughnuts and his strength of character. And it is a story that deserves to shine through the cracks of life and be told.

How the funds will be used

To make this short film happen we really need your support. The film is currently in the post production phase which is where we need your help.

The money raised from the crowdfunding campaign will go towards: 
– production costs including sourcing further content for the film, camera equipment, crew and marketing
– post-production costs including a professional editor, colour grading, sound design, sound mixing and licensing of copyright material

We will also be entering the film in numerous Australian and international film festivals to share our love of a good story with as many people as possible. 

If we don’t reach our funding target, all pledges will be cancelled and your payment will not be processed.
So it’s all or nothing, and the clock is ticking! Because really, who doesn’t like a good story about life, love and doughnuts?

So far, we have had great support from members of the local community with whom we have shared the story of our project and now you can too!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OlympicNickADonutumentary
Twitter: https://twitter.com/olympicnickfilm
Instagram: @olympicnickfilm

About the creative team

Ian and Rachel met over a 4 day film making course last summer. Both coming from very different backgrounds (physiotherapy and journalism) they applied to the Raw Nerve Production Initiative 2015, supported by Open Channel. In a large field of applicants, their film was selected to be professionally produced with the possibility of a mainstream television screening.

“When we heard about local doughnut legend Nick Tsiligiris we instantly felt: this is a story we want to share with the world. And… we won! So now we’re turning our idea into an actual film, which is very scary but exciting at the same time!” – Rachel Morssink


Contact Information:

Ian Tran
Tessa Mansfield-Hung
Rachel Mrssnk

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