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Sep 25, 2015 7:25 PM ET

Archived: Watches to Travel through Time: klokers is a premium fashion watch & accessory brand enabling customizable style to match life’s everyday moments.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 25, 2015

klokers is a premium fashion watch & accessory brand enabling customizable style to match life’s everyday moments.

The KLOK-01 by klokers is much more than a watch, it is a Machine to Travel through Time.


 Create your own style 

Both the klokers timepiece and bracelet are stand-alone interchangeable fashion accessories.

Express your uniqueness with KLOK-01 and wear it to suit your mood, as either a wristwatch or a pocket watch. Or invent your own style thanks to the klokers accessory set: on your notebook, on your desk, in your bag, etc.

Your klokers. Your choice.

How does it work?

klokers watches clip on and off a patented docking Key on the bracelet, allowing for quick and easy interchangeability: change either the watch, or the bracelet, or both, to suit your mood and style.

The bracelet (KLOK-00) is also designed to be worn by itself.

KLOK-01 is available in yellow, grey, and blue indigo.

Available colors
Available colors
Available bracelets
Available bracelets

klokers: affordable Swiss Made 

klokers state-of-the-art technology allows for very competitively priced Swiss Made timepieces and accessories: KLOK-01 retails for €349.

Scroll down to discover how klokers innovative technology makes it possible!

Who is klokers for?

You want to be different while embracing diversity? And steer clear from the mass-market homogeneity?
klokers creations are designed for creative, free-thinking men and women who want to express their individuality.


KLOK-01 is much more than an original concept. It is also an innovative timepiece in terms of design and technology.

 Time is an evocation of various aspects: moments of life, history, movement. klokers is all that.

Transitive design: KLOK-01, the slide rule inspired watch 

Each klokers timepiece is inspired by an iconic object from the past to create a bridge allowing us to travel from the past, to the present and future. Our transitive design createsMachines to Travel through Time.

Have you ever used the slide rule?
KLOK-01 recalls the iconic design of the slide rule, which is embedded in our collective unconsciousness.
The slide rule is a mechanical analog computer comprising three scales, one of which slides between the other two. In a similar way, the dial of KLOK-01 is composed of three circular discs sliding past each other at different speeds.

The circular slide rule / The KLOK-01
The circular slide rule / The KLOK-01

A new way to display time

klokers reinvents the animation of time, offering completely new ways to display it.

There are no hands that rotate, but the whole dial itself. The KLOK-01 uses three rotating concentric rings to display the time along a vertical line. The rings − one each for hours, minutes, and seconds − rotate at different speeds counterclockwise for maximum legibility.

An integrated magnifying lens in the crystal ensures high legibility when reading the time:


To develop KLOK-01 concept and design, we had to innovate and integrate new technologies.

The patented klokers Key

We wanted to create that adaptable and interchangeable watch that you could change anytime and anywhere you want, to suit your mood and style. The patented klokers Key allows you to interchange your watch and bracelets.  

First sketches of the klokers Key
First sketches of the klokers Key
How the bracelet fits to case
How the bracelet fits to case
Final design for the klokers Key
Final design for the klokers Key

The assembly architecture

Watches have been assembled according to the same method for centuries. To allow Swiss Made affordable prices, klokers saw things differently and changed the configuration of assembly.
From the industrial point of view, this is much simpler to assemble and allows keeping high quality while reducing assembly costs, i.e the final consumer price.

Exploded view of KLOK-01
Exploded view of KLOK-01


Cutting-edge materials

The 44 mm case is made from a composite metal polymer, offering high strength and low weight, ensuring that the timepiece fits comfortably on wrist of all sizes.
The bracelet is made from genuine leather and the pin buckle is stainless steel.
The klokers Key is in brushed, hypoallergenic-treated, 316L stainless steel. 

The future of klokers: micro-motors

klokers movements use the latest generation of high-precision micro-motors in combination with the accuracy of quartz oscillators to create a new generation of innovative time displays.

Property of SOPROD (Société de Production Horlogère)
Property of SOPROD (Société de Production Horlogère)


The reputation of our Swiss Made timepieces excellence stands on an authentic know-how, expertise, high quality, and technical innovation. 

The klokers workshop is in Eysins (near Geneva), Switzerland.

Hours, minutes, and seconds displayed by counterclockwise-rotating concentric disks. Easily interchangeable bracelets.

Dial & Time display
Three concentric disks (one each for seconds, minutes, and hours) rotate counterclockwise to indicate the time along a vertical red line at top of dial.

Material: composite metal polymer
Dimensions: 44 mm diameter x 11,5 mm high
Weight (with strap): 42g
Docking klokers Key: pusher on caseband at 8 o’clock for quick release of case
Crystal: anti-reflect treated transparent polymer with integrated magnifying lens for time display
Assembly: partially non-demountable construction

Counterclockwise Swiss Made Ronda movement with Lavet micro-motors powering the indications 

klokers Key: quick release dock in brushed, 316L stainless steel
Bracelet: genuine leather, designed to be worn with or without watch
Buckle: stainless steel pin buckle
Colors available 2015: matte black leather, silky black leather, indigo leather, orange alcantara, mouse-gray alcantara, and Newport yellow leather 

24-month warranty against manufacturing defects

To preorder KLOK-01, first log in to your Kickstarter account, click the green button below and then select the reward you want. That’s it! Do not worry about the choice of color or accessories as you can select these after the campaign finishes.  

If you want to add something more, go to our Add-on menu. We’ll do the rest! We will send it to you at the end of the campaign.

Of course, we’ll all keep you informed throughout the campaign.

We have worked very hard over the past two years to reach that stage. We will continue to do our best until you are delivered. And for that, we sincerely need your support! Together, let’s make klokers the 2015 Kickstarter success story!


Contact Information:


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