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Sep 25, 2015 4:01 PM ET

Archived: Retail Ready: 100% of the money raised will go towards getting our first 2 DIY kits packaged

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 25, 2015

Retail Ready

The story of the project

Hi my name is Honey and I’ve been a chef for 16 years working all over Australia.

I started Wildly Raw, a raw food patisserie, last year and stock cafes, supermarkets, gyms and juice bars all over Perth with my delicious Raw, healthy, dairy free, gluten free and soy free sweet treats.

One of the things I have been doing is selling DIY (do it yourself) Raw Cake Mixes. Much like the ‘white wings’ range of cake mixes available in all supermarkets, my DIYs contain 90% of your ingredients and have easy to follow instructions. A great activity for the kids to get in on too!

 I would love to get my DIYs into supermarkets round Perth so that they are easier to get a hold of. In order to get them into supermarkets I need to get new packaging and have them bar coded. Unfortunately I have put my heart soul and ever cent I had into my business this far and haven’t got enough to get the packaging done.

People tell me they try recipes on the net and have more fails than successes and waste time and money on expensive products in the process. My DIY recipes are tried and tested, easy to follow and contain all the expensive ingredients so all you need in most cases is some coconut milk and some fresh fruit, no more waste!

It’s about time being healthy became as accessible and affordable as it is to be unhealthy! I would love to see my range of healthy cake mixes in supermarkets all over the country, but lets start with Perth 🙂

How the funds will be used

100% of the money raised will go towards getting our first 2 DIY kits packaged. These will be the ‘Choc Chip Protein Cookie’ and our very popular ‘Chocolate Obsessions’ which has a brownie base filled with a chocolate mousse, Yum!!

Costs are our first minimum order of…
– $900+ for 1000 boxes
– $1200+ for 1000 labels
– $8000 in ingredients to fill the boxes

Obviously it will cost more than the $6000 I am hoping for but it will most defiantly get the ball rolling. As well as the above it will take me an estimated 2 weeks to pack and fill the 1000 boxes and a day to deliver.

I am then hoping that when these two products start to sell we will have enough to start bring out more of our DIY range. Currently our range consists of over 23 tasty healthy treats and we are adding to it all the time!

Some of my other work

Like I mentioned, I have been a chef for 16 years and when I first heard about the new Raw Movement I was so intrigued that you could make a kind of cake with none of the usual ingredients and have it taste great too.

Traveling and working all over Australia with some great Chefs in the most breathtaking places has given me so much inspiration over the years to create some amazing new dishes. I published my first cook book about 3 years ago and would love to now bring out my second that would lean more towards today’s healthy life style.

It has always been a dream to own me own cafe that would also open as a bar by night. One dream at a time though 😀


At the moment it is just cash flow that is standing in my way to succeed with this venture.

I have one supermarket ready to take on my DIYs and have been told by at least 4 more that, while very interested, they would look at it when the DIYs are ready to go.

It is hard to get people 100% on board when the final cost is still to be set and I’m not sure when my first order will be ready to send out.

Contact Information:

April Honey Baylie

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