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Sep 25, 2015 5:01 PM ET

Defibrillator for Well Ams U13’s Junior Football

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 25, 2015

Defibrillator for Well Ams U13’s Junior Football

About the project

My Husband is Head Coach and I am First Aid and Welfare officer for our son’s under 13 junior football team with Wellington Amateurs Football Club.

Even at such a young age children are not immune from the possibilities of suffering cardiac arrest during a football match, as the nature of the sport demands certain levels of fitness that places stress on their bodies. We are hearing the very sad news that more and more fit young men (and women) are passing away after a football/rugby match.

We feel it necessary as a junior team to act and protect our children by ensuring at least 1 defibrillator is available at all of our matches and training sessions.

We are looking to purchase initially 1 AED for use at the training ground (set in a busy local park) also at home and away games. With this 1 AED we have the potential to safeguard not just our team players but also the opposition and potentially anyone within the vicinity using the community park and fields.The AED will also be available at all Home and Away games saefguarding players and spectators.

Each AED costs between £1000-£1200 and as well as this project page, our team lads are completing a long strenuous sponsored walk to raise additional funds. The more we raise the more teams we can help as we would like to be able to provide an AED for many more junior teams where possible. Having at least 1 AED however is better than none. 

The ability to purchase defibrillators could safeguard and protect our children further to holding first aid certificates ,this would allow the children to continue to get the most enjoyment from the sport as they can, while as a team we can provide a safe environment for them to be in.

We hope to also raise funds to purchase a flag to keep on show with the AED, ensuring all can clearly see we have access to a defibrillator for use on anyone requiring emergency intervention while awaiting an ambulance.

Every penny counts so no matter how much or little you can spare we are extremely grateful and though we truly hope our defibrillator never needs to be used, you know that your donation has gone to potentially saving a life should the worst happen.

Many thanks 

Amy and The Wellington Amatuers Under 13 lads!




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