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Sep 25, 2015 8:03 AM ET

Bay Pac Beverages, Inc.: We develop and distribute beverages from around the world

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 25, 2015

Bay Pac Beverages, Inc.

Bay Pac Beverages, Inc. Logo


Bay Pac offers a new niche in the global spirits/ beverage market. Our artisanal products use unique ingredients and provide a positive social impact. These products deliver award-winning taste and encourage a socially responsible lifestyle.

Food and beverage consumers worldwide are increasingly demanding products that are pure, healthy, organic, sustainably produced and socially responsible. Bay Pac’s products fill this need. We develop and distribute beverages from around the world that are made with unique, sustainably farmed and, where possible, Fair Trade Certified ingredients… and we never compromise taste! When a consumer purchases one of our brands, they can be assured that they have chosen quality, purity, taste and social responsibility. As an added benefit to investors, all of our brands are positioned in the fastest growing segments of their market,

Social responsibility matters to us… we believe that our stature as a company is measured equally by the positive contribution we make to the lives of people, communities and the environment, as well as by achieving financial success. All Bay Pac brands have a strong appeal for socially-minded consumers. Additionally, chain store, hotel and cruise line buyers who are actively seeking products consistent with their Corporate Social Responsibility programs are attracted to these products.

Our current products include the FAIR line of premium spirits (a quinoa vodka, a London dry gin, an aged Belize rum, a coffee liqueur, and a goji berry liqueur), all made with Fair Trade certified ingredients. A value-priced GMO- free French wheat vodka and a low gluten amber ale craft-brewed with quinoa are additional products.

Products / Services

FAIR brand Premium Fair Trade Certified Spirits

FAIR brand is a family of premium spirits made with ingredients that are farmed sustainably and sourced through Fair Trade arrangements. The line includes a Quinoa Vodka, an aged Belize Rum, a London dry Gin and two liqueurs (Cafe and Goji).

We source key ingredients from our partner countries, all of whom qualify as developing markets and therefore benefit economically from Fair Trade Certified initiatives. We choose these sources on the basis of ingredient quality and purity. The farmers with whom we deal use sustainable agricultural methods and their crops are pesticide, herbicide and GMO free.

FAIR is the only line of spirits to actively support a sustainable, socially responsible lifestyle, while providing exceptional taste. Join us in our journey to expand this sensibility through these high quality products and spread the word.

Belle Chasse GMO-free imported French vodka

Belle Chasse was developed with the mixologist and bar manager in mind. The combination of distinctive taste, a bottle designed for high use in upscale bars and restaurants, and an approachable price distinguish Belle Chasse from other vodkas.

Vodka quality is determined by the skill of the master distiller rather than by the number of distillations and filtrations. We carefully evaluated many locations around the world, and finally selected a boutique distillery in the Cognac region of France. Distillation has been perfected in this area over the past 400 years and the art of distilling is part of the culture.

The bottle design is a key point. Mixologists want a light weight bottle with a broad base and a neck that is easy to hold while pouring. It also shouldn’t be too tall, since height affects the balance and maneuverability. Glass is the universal material of choice as it protects the quality and can be easily recycled. The closure is designed for ease of use.

Aqotango Craft Brewed Low Gluten Beer

Aqotango is a great tasting hand crafted beer. The first product is a premium amber ale and the line will be extended into a number of other styles to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market. It is unique in being made with quinoa, a super nutritional food which is naturally gluten-free. In fact, quinoa plus our proprietary brewing process results in a gluten content below 10 parts per million (20 ppm is the FDA regulation for gluten-free designation).

Aqotango was launched in Northern California in September 2015, and will be expanded nationwide using an innovative production and distribution strategy.

Contact Information:

Jack Bays

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