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Sep 24, 2015 5:36 PM ET

Archived: The LoveWell Project

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

The LoveWell Project

The story of the project

Hope Foundation supports women who have chosen to make huge life changes by coming out of addictions and/or the sex industry.  (We know!  Totally brave!) 

And taking the NEXT BRAVE STEP, we’re launching our own social enterprise cafe and NEED TO RAISE $40k IN 40 DAYS!!!


We’re reaching out for start-up funds for a Social Enterprise Cafe.

We’ll be giving vulnerable women employment, which means a chance to gain confidence, work skills and an income; and we’re partnering with Brisbane City Council and supported by Di Bella Coffee to do this.    This is the ACTUAL cafe/restaurant/kiosk with our new branding photo-shopped onto it.  

We’ve already won the tender & got the site, which is situated in a spectacular location on Mount Gravatt Lookout, overlooking the city of Brisbane – AMAZING!! We’ve got qualified & skilled staff for management roles, and women from our Foundation have already undertaking preliminary coffee training so they can come and work there.  Businesses have come forward already to donate printing, signage, and some equipment. We’ve had so many enquiries, asking when are we going to open? and for function bookings already!   Local Community Groups like Rotary, the Environment Group and youth groups have offered their help and assistance with scores of practical jobs and setting-up tasks.  We’ve got sound Business and Implementation Plans, enthusiasm AND industry experience, everything … except money!

How the funds will be used

Funds will go towards:

Big ticket items – POS system, industrial dishwasher, a cake cabinet, small commercial fit-out, initial stock and supplies

Some other hospitality stuff: latte glasses, toasters, ice maker (Hello? Frappes! It’s Queensland, and summer is on the way), milkshake maker, etc.

And boring, necessary business things & start-up costs: uniforms, office equipment, insurances, and utilities.

Some of my other work

Best place to find out what the Hope Foundation do, and read some testimonials from the women we assist – is our Facebook page (tip:  scroll through the photos, some of our best posts disappear from our Timeline due to mysterious Facebook algorithms!)



Honestly, the only obstacle is money.   We’ve got everything else sorted:   Fastidious check-lists of things that need to be done, addressed, sourced and connected. We already have half the equipment and pledges for free services and tradies’ work. There are hospitality industry experienced and qualified staff ready to step into management roles.  We’ve got the support of Di Bella Coffee for coffee equipment, staff training and ongoing business support and advice.  Brisbane City Council (our new landlords) are being fantastically supportive.  The local Rotary, Lions, Environmental Group & Wildlife Society have all offered to help in any way they can – at the start and as we proceed.

We’re incredibly resilient and ingenious when it comes to working things out.  We have a layered Implementation Plan, which means we can commence serving great coffee, drinks and healthy snacks from the Kiosk area of the operation, while still working towards out-fitting the remaining items for the larger cafe area.

Contact Information:

Hope Foundation

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