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Sep 24, 2015 6:00 AM ET

Archived: Sneakerjeans – Denim Created For Sneakerheads

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015


When it comes to choosing the right pair of jeans, it’s essential to match them with your footwear. If you want to create the perfect combination that will make you look like a fashion model, then you need to wear the right kind of jeans.

Unfortunately, most people wear jeans that destroy their style completely. Of course, some of them don’t care about their style at all.

On the other hand, if you have put so much effort in choosing, buying and wearing an awesome pair of sneakers, then why throw all this effort to the trash and wear awful-looking jeans?

Your favorite jeans from high school won’t match your sneakers…and you will end up looking like an immature, pudgy little kid. Why do that to yourself when you have invested your money in a pair of amazing sneakers?

Fortunately, there is a solution – and it’s called SneakerJeans!

Sneakerjeans have been created specifically for Sneakerheads – for those of you who love to wear an awesome pair of sneakers like Air Jordan or Yeezy.

These sneakers belong among the best and most beautiful looking ones. And they deserve to be matched with the BEST denims.


Enter Sneakerjeans – The Perfect Denim For Sneakerheads

Life is about growth, change and continuous improvement! And this includes the evolution cycle of what kind of denim looks good on you and matches your sneakers properly.

Most ordinary denims fall under some serious pitfalls:

  • They are too damn short
  • They are sloppily big
  • They are extremely buggy in your ankles
  • They are extremely tight and uncomfortable
  • They look like they are from junior high school (isn’t time to move on?)

Don’t Let The Denim Wear You – Wear The Denim!

On the other hand, Sneakerjeans don’t fall under any of those pitfalls. They are extremely stylish and elegant. They fit your body perfectly. And most importantly, they highlight the beauty, style and finesse of your favorite sneakers!


More Reasons Why Sneakerjeans Are The Best Denim You Could Ever Wear:

  • Sneakerjeans are created upon the highest quality standards. They are made to exceed all your expectations and satisfy all your sneaker-needs!
  • Sneakerjeans add a touch of style to your overall looks and level up your style in a way you look like a fashion model!
  • No matter what sneakers you are wearing, this denim is GUARANTEED to match your sneakers perfectly!


If you want the assurance that sneakerjeans will be the BEST DENIM you will ever wear, then you can rest assured that their style & quality can’t be compared to anything you have ever seen!

It’s Time To Revolutionize The Fashion Industry!

Help us make that revolution a reality and BE THE FIRST one to get your own pair of Sneakerjeans @ Kickstarter.com

Don’t Miss This Chance To Level Up Your Style & Look Incredibly Awesome!

Fund Our Campaign – And Get The Most Stylish Denim In Existence



Co-Founder Sneakerjeans

Yeliz Bilgin

Contact Information:

Yeliz Bilgin - Co Founder Sneakerjeans

Mobile: 00491624942704

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