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Sep 24, 2015 4:27 PM ET

Archived: Play on the Green: to help reclaim a precious piece of green in our busy urban landscape

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

Play on the Green


Streatham Green sits almost exactly halfway along Streatham High Road – a 2.6 mile key arterial road, between Croydon and Brixton. In an area of high population and traffic congestion, Streatham Green has great potential, but for many years it has suffered the anti social effects of street drinking and pigeons.

The redevelopment of the adjacent Babington Road area has included a new Saturday market, frequented by locals and visitors. By introducing a play environment to Streatham Green, we could reclaim the space and encourage families to spend time there – browsing the market, enjoying the play facilities and helping to reignite the space. In turn, this would see increased interest both in the market, and local shops and help promote the area.

What we’ll do:

  • We have liaised with Lambeth Council to have the area jet washed
  • We are investigating options to deter pigeons
  • We will purchase play equipment and removable seating, and arrange secure storage
  • We will provide signage to designate play area
  • We will have a member of staff available on site

Why it’s a great idea:

Play on the Green is part of a wider initiative for improving the area for people who live and work in Streatham. Investment from Lambeth Council and TfL have brought the changes to Babington Road, and inStreatham want to build on that investment.

Play on the Green is only the beginning. Once the area is being used positively, there is scope for more projects and further improvements on the Streatham Green.

Wider benefits of the project include encouraging partnerships, and building on those that already exist. Not only improving the look and feel of Streatham Green, it would also serve as a physical meeting place to facilitate engagement with the community.

We are working alongside the Friends of Streatham Green, City and Country Farmers Markets (the market operator), Lambeth Safer Streets Team and the local Police to ensure that the project is well managed, safe, sustainable and supported locally.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Work with local businesses and key stakeholders to ensure support for the project
  • Set up and pack away the play equipment and seating
  • Listen to feedback about how the project can be improved

inStreatham BID has funded a trial of Play on the Green throughout June. It has been lovely to see so many families enjoying their time on Streatham Green!

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