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Sep 24, 2015 11:31 AM ET

Panda Poles – Winter Prep: REAL bamboo ski poles

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

Panda Poles – Winter Prep

Panda Poles are REAL bamboo ski poles. 

With their “Zero Drag Powder Baskets”, solid, light-weight, real bamboo poles, 100% recycled hemp webbing, and super sticky grips, Panda Poles are great ski poles.  But Panda Poles aren’t just bamboo ski poles.  

Panda Poles is a call out.  It’s a call out on the conventional mindset that man made synthetics are always better.  It’s a call out on the producers of not only ski goods, but all ‘goods’, to reconsider business as usual.  It is a call out on the consumer to make better, more conscious decisions about what they consume, and why they ‘consume’ it.  

Furthermore, Panda Poles is a shout out to all the people who want to create the more enriching world that they dream.  It says “One need not think outside the box when one can think of the box as a sphere…or a Zero Drag Bamboo Ski Pole!”  

We are currently looking to fund 200 pairs of Panda Poles. To do this we are offering a 10% return to our investors.

 As the winter ski season approaches, we have decided that a 5 month payback is the perfect length of time to produce and sell 200 units of Panda Poles to the skiing community and adventurers alike. 

Help us reach our goal of funding 200 units, to bolster our holiday supply, and we will continue to provide the the market with a aesthetically pleasing, durable and sustainable alternative to aluminum and graphite ski poles.

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Panda Poles are the ski pole that integrates tradition & passion for a unique, functional design that resonates with the mountains and nature, yet shreds other poles. 

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We use bamboo, which is not only a sustainable product, but has a higher tensile strength that aluminum, and a greater strength to weight ratio than graphite. 

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Customize your length, bamboo, grips, straps, and baskets, and ski your most gnarly lines with an authentic, hand crafted product that flies through the powder and trees, featuring Pandas “Zero Drag Basket” design. Just wait till you get your paws on a pair of these! 

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Contact Information:

Tanner Rosenthal

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