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Sep 24, 2015 11:43 AM ET

Archived: Lumo Magazine – New Nature Photography Magazine

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

New publishing company Lumo Publishing Ltd is raising fund on Indiegogo to translate and publish new nature photography magazine Lumo as e-magazine. The company set out to raise $5000 on Indiegogo to finnish English edition of the magazine. Lumo is currently published in Finnish and so far 4 issues has been published in Finland. English edition is going to be published as an e-magazine for tablets and as an online-magazine as well. Enriched with videos and galleries.

Free preview (100 pages) of the first English issue (Lumo 1) is available through the link on Lumo Magazine’s Indiegogo campaign page:


Lumo comes out 6 times per year. Each issue is 100 pages. For a passionate photographer or nature lover the magazine provides experiences, knowledge and possibilities to improve photographing skills. The magazine covers topics across the globe, from under water to the mountain top or from desert to tropical rain forest.

“Lumo focusses strongly on northern and arctic nature, but still handles topics from all over the world. Conservation issues are also important to us and we want emphasize important role of nature photography within conservation work.” says Jukka Palm, editor of Lumo Magazine.

Unique perk in this campaign is possibility to take part in Lumo’s Snow Leopard Expedition in February 2016 to Ladakh, India. This is the same area where Steve Winter took his famous world class pictures of the snow leopards using camera-trap technology.

So far Lumo has been contributed by many internationally awarded nature photographers like Sam Hobson, Luke Massey, Sandra Bartocha, Thomas Marent, David Tipling, Sergey Gorshkov, Indra Swari, Jari Peltomäki, Markus Varesvuo, Lassi Rautiainen, Hannu Hautala, Diego López and counting.

Nature photographer Marina Cano from Spain and Scottish ILCP -phohographer and Wild Wonders of Europe veteran Peter Cairns are among our contributing editors.

Lumo Publishing Ltd was set up in Raahe, Finland in January 2015 and the company is owned by Raisa Tasanto (editor-in-chief of Lumo Magazine), Jukka Palm (CEO, editor and photographer of Lumo Magazine) and Jussi Leppänen (Art Director of Lumo Magazine). Lumo is a member of the Association for Cultural, Scientific and Advocacy Magazines, Kultti ry and Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association FPPA

Contact Information:

Jukka Palm,

Editor, Lumo Magazine, Lumo Publishing Ltd
Tel +358 44 0161326
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lumolehti
Twitter: @Lumolehti, @JukkaPalm

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