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Sep 24, 2015 9:53 AM ET

Archived: Eco-Fusion: We Develop Mobile Apps to Prevent Manage and Treat Chronic Disease

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

Eco-Fusion is at the forefront of a new class of medicine called digital therapeutics, which is poised to have a dramatic effect on health care at the scale of chemical drugs.  Digital Therapeutics consist of drugs in digital form whose active ingredients are behavior change modifications related to specific health domains. Quoting a recent Forbes article: “In ten years, we have no doubt that your doctor will recommend a digital program for your depression, diabetes and hypertension either instead of, or in addition to, a pill”.

The company’s first award winning product, Serenita™, measures & treats  stress, and it will be followed by NewMe™, a mobile platform to prevent, manage & treat  diabetes, obesity & cardio-vascular diseases. Our vision is to transform healthcare by bringing cutting-edge medicine to every smartphone.


Preventing, treating, and managing chronic diseases requires changes to lifestyle habits in multiple health domains. Many interventions have been unsuccessful in the past because they were not seamlessly integrated into a person’s life, they were not personalized, and because they’ve failed to apply clinically proven habit-forming methodologies.

Consider Sophie, mother of a 2-year-old, wife, and successful financial analyst. Sophi’s growing rsponsibilities at home & work have caught up with her, as she now suffers from chronic stress. Chronic Stress affects 100 million Americans, and besides being a debilitated disease on its own, it may lead to the development of  other chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, depression & heart disease. Sophie started experiencing chronic fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, and mild depression among other health problems.

She’s tried availableI treatments to treat her chronic stress, but so far, nothing has worked for Sophie.

Yoga & meditation: Requires special training, a relatively long time commitment & a special environment to practice. As such, It is hard to integratge it into a daily schedule.

Therapy: Chronic stress requires an immediate and timely relief, but her therapist is not available 24/7.

Medication: Builds dependency, not resilience; is expensive; and may have serious side effects.

What if people like Sophie had a single solution that solves all those problems?

Immediate drug-free stress relief, 24/7

Super easy to perform, can be done anywhere

Clinically proven & inexpensive.


Serenita™,  Eco-Fusion’s award winning stress management app provides the perfect solution to Sohpi’s problem:  

  • Immediate stress relief
  • Requires nothing more than a Smartphone
  • Available 24/7
  • Can be performed in a crowded elevator
  • Very short time commitment (5 minutes)
  • Clinically validated 
  • No training required
  • Easy to integrate into a busy schedule


Measuring Stress

It’s important to note that besides effective treatment, accurately measuring stress also sets Serenita™ apart. It provides something unavailable today outside a stress lab, and does so with ease, using nothing but a smartphone.

This breakthrough technology empowers users, for the first time, to see a full picture of their daily stress map. Important insights can be drawn from that data including causes of stress & effectiveness of treatment, and Serenita™ uses that data to personalize its solution.

The data, with the user’s permission, can also be shared with a medical provider.


After getting to work in November 2013, our stress management prototype was completed in June of 2014. We started our consumer pilot program a few months later in November, and that concluded in February 2015. The feedback was overwhelming positive – our stress management app really works.


Following a few minor updates, Serenita™ was released in April 2015 for iOS and Android devices. In June 2015, we started our marketing campaign and we are now optimizing it. Our current price per download is $0.75. 

The feedback we have received from our clinical partners consumers & medical professionals who have been using the app is overwhelmingly positive:

The success of the app has led us to line up even more pilot programs with medical institutions, all of which will provide proof of efficacy. We intend to use these pilots to commercialize our product, starting by turning the pilots into paying customers. The following pilots are in advanced stage of planning and will be launched in the next 3-6 months:

Hadassah Medical Center: Expansion of the initial clinical pilot to control blood sugar level among Diabetics, using Serenita™

Mount Sinai Hospital: Using of Serenita™ to treat people suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

Assutah Medical Center: Using Serenita™ in the treatment of Migraine Headaches & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Rabin Medical Center: Using Serenita™ in Diabetic Reversal Treatment

Other points of traction: We previously raised $850K in funding and have filed for 3 patents.

Up next: Solidify the partnerships above, turn those pilots into paying customers, and release the complete NewMe platform to the consumer market.


Currently in development, and scheduled for release in early 2016, is our next product – NewMe™,  a chronic disease prevention & management app targeting populations at risk or suffering from heart disease, obesity & diabetes.

While Serenita™  focuses on treating stress on its own, or as part of treatment of other chronic diseases, NewMe™ is a flexible platform addressing all other aspects of chronic diseases treatment & prevention — particularly, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and mild depression.

NewMe™ Highlights

Tracks health-related activity  

Data shared in real-time with patient’s doctor

Builds a personalized treatment protocol  

Doctor may modify treatment remotely

Integrates treatment into patient’s daily life

Monitor patient’s adherence to treatment  

Provides access to patient’s medical records

Learns overtime and adjusts  

Integrates with wearables & medical devices

Data analytics adds insight

Using a smartphone’s built in sensors & wearable devices, the app tracks nutrition, physical movement, exercise, stress, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, medicine adherence & other disease specific metrics. It then builds a personalized treatment protocol suitable to fit the medical condition, and seamlessly integrates it into the patient’s daily activity.

The system monitors the efficacy of the recommended treatment and adjusts it overtime to reach an optimal solution for each individual. All data is saved to reveal trends and patterns overtime, which in turn is used by a medical professional to gain insight & to inform her recommendations. This unprecedented real-time data sharing between a medical professional & her patient improves the quality of care, increases patient adherence, and is scalable to millions of individuals.

We have already lined up a couple of clinical pilot partners that will be using NewMe™ in its initial test run. Among them is Stoney Brook University, where a pilot to treat families at risk is planned. NewMe™ will then be marketed to medical providers, employers & payers.  

Recent Medicare regulations offer reimbursement of $100.00 per month to any medical provider offering chronic disease management treatment. Those regulations impose strict standards of care for delivering such treatment. NewMe™ enables doctors to deliver such treatment with ease and low overhead.


Oren Fuerst, PhD, Founder & Chairman
Dr. Fuerst is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and inventor of technologies commercialized by numerous medical companies. He is the founder/chairman of Tevel angel network and Strategic Models. He is also the co-founder of Medivizor, LabStyle Innovations/Dario, and Circ/PrePex. Former faculty member at Columbia Business School and Yale School of Management, Dr. Fuerst has extensive experience in medical devices and data management. He obtained his Ph.D from Columbia Business School.

Abraham Carmeli, CEO
Mr. Carmeli is a graduate of Columbia University and a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as an executive in technology companies. He is an experienced entrepreneur and executive: the co-founder and CEO of Saga, Inc., a software company in the legal market, which was acquired by Client Profiles. He is also an attorney, licensed to practice law in Israel and the U.S., and has a Master’s degree in Law (LL.M.) from Columbia University. He is also a former Captain at the IDF.

Professor Steven Kaplan, Medical Director & Board Member
Dr. Kaplan is a world-renowned urologist and researcher (more than 850 publications), and co-founded numerous technology initiatives, including MediData Solutions (NASDAQ: MDSO), the largest clinical trials data management company. He is the E. Darracott Vaughan Professor of Urology and Chief of the Institute of Bladder and Prostate Health at Weill Cornell Medical College, and Director of the Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Kaplan has been awarded five NIH grants and was awarded the John K. Lattimer Award for Lifetime Achievement in Urology by the National Kidney and Urology Foundation

Alexanre Domingues, VP of R&D
Alexandre Domingues is a data scientist highly interested in the application of signal processing and machine learning methods to support healthcare and diagnosis. Over the last few years, he specialized in behavioral and physiological data processing, leading to his PhD in Biomedical Engineering by the University of Lisbon. His work focused on the development of algorithms to monitor and diagnose sleep disorders based on limited sets data. He has several publications in international journals and conferences.

Ran Matoki, CFO
Ran Matoki has extensive experience in several early stage companies’ build-up, from business plans, to corporate financing, operations, and scale. He led Better Place Israel’s funding strategy (100M) and participated in the global entity raise ($500M). He served as SAP division’s CFO ($450M revenues) and member of its executive management, where he controlled the division’s’ budget ($750M), and served as corporate controller in one if it’s North America subsidiaries.

Our advisory board and board of directors promotes our solutions in their prestigious medical institutions and work to create more opportunities.

Board of Directors

Melcolm Hoenlein PhD, Business Development — Public Sector

Trevor Harris PhD, Business Development — Large Employers

Achiahu Ludomirsky Prof. MD, Business development — Medical providers

Oren Fuerst PhD, Business & Product Development

Steven Kaplan MD, Business Development — Medical Providers & Pharmaceuticals

Advisory Board

Prof. Pierre Singer  
World Renown clinical nutrition expert. Director of the General Intensive Care Unit and Head of Institute of Nutrition Research at Rabin Medical Center. He is a Professor at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and Director of the Institute for Metabolism. Chairman of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN).  

Prof. Giora Weitz
Chairman of the cardiology department at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel, Associate Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, and Director of the Cardiovascular Research at the Medical Center. Published extensively in the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals related to the field of interventional cardiology.

Prof. Shmuel Einav
Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University and the Director of the Medical Technologies Division at the Center of Excellence for Wireless and Information Technologies (“CEWIT”). He was the Director of Ramot – University Authority for Applied Research and Industrial Development Ltd., the technology transfer organization of Tel Aviv University.

Dor Sela
Former Head of Global Marketing at MasterCard. Senior Executive with 14 years of experience across General Management & Marketing operations in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Health Care (OTC) and Retail in Europe, Near East and Africa. Behind successful assignments was rapidly promoted to Associate Director in P&G. General Manager of Reckitt Benckiser Israel. Managed Carrefour’s multi billion own label business.

Contact Information:

Oren Fuerst
Abraham Carmeli
Professor Steven Kaplan
Alexanre Domingues
Ran Matoki

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