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Sep 24, 2015 2:57 PM ET

Archived: DIY headphone kits: Great sounding headphones designed to be customised, fixed and upgraded. 3D print them yourself or locally via 3D Hubs

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

Introducing the most customizable headphone ever!

Print+ has developed a DIY kit that enables you to make your own headphone. By combining 3D printed parts with components from the print+ kit you can create a headphone that is truly yours.

How does it work?

3D print the plastic parts in the color of your choice on your 3D printer. If  you don’t have a printer use a local 3D Hub. Combine the 3D printed parts with components from the print+ headphone kit. Assembly is super simple, no screws, glue or tools required – just a pair of hands!

Print+ DIY headphone kit

3D printed parts

Files for the 3D printed parts will be available as free download. The parts are very easily printed without support structure and take about 20 hours to finish. There will be 3 basic designs available at first.

There are five parts to be printed: speaker housing (2x), speaker cover (2x) and frame (1x)

Don’t have access to a 3D printer? Print your headphone via 3D Hubs

If you do not own a 3D printer, parts can be easily ordered from our Launch Partner 3D Hubs.3D Hubs is a worldwide network of 3D Printers, with over 22.000 3D printers in 156 countries – so there is always a printer near you.

3D Hubs, world's largest network of 3D printers
3D Hubs, world’s largest network of 3D printers

We’ll accompany your reward with simple to follow instructions for ordering your prints.

Are you a 3D Hub owner? Sign up for print+ certification.

3D Hubs is accepting applications from Hubs that would like become a certified print+ 3D Hub. This means access to a potential steady flow of print+ 3D print orders. Are you a 3D Hub owner with a FDM type 3D printer and would you like to become a certified print+ 3D Hub? Fill out this simple form and 3D Hubs will get back to you as soon as the campaign is finished.

Indication of the cost for the 3D printed parts


Stretch goals: unlock the colors!

At first our rewards were available with only leather headbands, leather cushions and a black audio cable. Because we are happy that we reached our funding goal so fast, we went ahead and have unlocked the grey tone textile cushions without reaching an additional stretch goal.

Current unlocked colors

 Current locked colors

 Unlocking colors

All other colors can be unlocked once we reach each stretch goal. Once we reach a stretch goal we will send out a survey to all backers to let us know which colors we should unlock. The colors with the most votes will win. The votes from backers with bigger rewards will be given a greater influence. So if you have ordered more kits – you’ll have a bigger say in  which colors get chosen.

Stretch goal 1: reach €15.000

6 additional colors will become available – making the total available colors: 11

Strech goal 2: reach €22.500

6 additional colors will become available – making the total available colors: 17

Strech goal 3: reach €30.000

5 additional colors will become available – making the total available colors: 22

The colors your kit will come with

After the Kickstarter campaign is over, you will be able to make the final decision what color(s) your kit(s) should come with  – regardless how you voted during ‘unlocking colors’. We will ask for your final choice through the final survey we send out after the Kickstarter campaign is over. Cushions are chosen per set, headband and audio cable can be chosen independently   So if you like, you can choose a different color for headband, cushions (2x) and cable.

Contact Information:


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