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Sep 24, 2015 4:55 PM ET

Archived: A Collaborative Platform for Creative Arts Professionals

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

A Collaborative Platform for Creative Arts Professionals

What is StageBandit?


StageBandit is intended to be a membership driven professional networking online platform that fosters collaboration among students and rising professionals seeking a career in the arts and entertainment industry. StageBandit will serve as a centralized hub for networking, talent recruitment and project creation/collaboration for creative arts professionals as well as a marketing and recruitment tool for the businesses that operate in the space. Offline, we will collaborate with art-based community centers to host and sponsor monthly networking forums and showcase events to allow members to network and receive professional development.  

Schools will pay a membership fee to be part of the network, this will allow their students to have access to the the platform. Alumni from member schools can pay a standard monthly/yearly fee to join the network. Businesses will also have access based on a membership model. They will pay as needed to advertise services and or recruit creative members. 




Need/Next Steps

The project is currently in need of champions to help finance the three phases of development. Phase 1 is divided into sub phases, “1A” and “1B.” 1A will focus on developing the member profile features for the creative users and the business users. Features for this phase will focus on self-promotion and inter user communication.
Phase 1B will focus on streamlining professional development resources, including access to job listings and competitions posted by businesses. THIS CAMPAIGN IF FULLY FUNDED WILL SUPPORT PHASE 1 (cost: $22,300).

Phase 2 will also be developed in two parts. In phase 2A, the focus will be to develop features that promote cross user collaboration, i.e. creative to creative collaboration and creative to business collaboration. This includes a “work room” where members can check the status of current projects and exchange information. In phase 2B, the core focus will be to help users promote projects in need of funding. ADDITIONAL FUNDS NEEDED, $23,750.

Phase 3 covers the final development feature. In this phase, the development will focus on providing a showroom where members can post all completed projects. This will serve as a media channel for video, music, and art based projects for all to view and appreciate. ADDITIONAL FUNDS NEEDED, $13,750.

Total amount for the fully developed platform with all the above noted features, $59,800.


Upon receiving the funds, StageBandit will work with LaunchYard, a company that focuses on building web-based start ups to develop phase 1. This will take 3 months (October 2015-January 2016). The beta version is expected to go live in January of 2016.

Contact Information:

Ricardhy Grandoit
Sean Cain

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