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Sep 23, 2015 8:51 AM ET

Archived: The Up Light: Smart Wake Up Light: Wish it was easier to wake up in the morning? The UpLight is a 16M color Smart LED that helps you sleep better and wake naturally!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2015

Waking up is something we all have to do every day, shouldn’t it be as stress free as possible? Inspired by clinical sleep research, The Up Light is a smart bulb that helps you wake up naturally, feeling refreshed. And all you need to do is change a light bulb.

The Up Light is the smartest light bulb you’ve ever experienced. It’s a bluetooth-enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored bulb that installs in your bedside lamp. The free Up Light app is extremely user friendly and gives you full control of your lighting from your smart phone or tablet. Using only 9 watts, it reduces your energy costs and lasts up to 20 years while delivering a wake up experience we think you’ll love.

It’s Simple.

No hubs, no wifi connections, no additional clutter on your nightstand. If you know how to replace a standard light bulb and download an app, the Up Light is for you!

It’s Smart.

The Up Light is designed to provide the right light at the right times to promote sleep wellness.

It’s Science.

Sleep specialists have been using light therapy for years to help treat sleep phase disorders and we use it ourselves. For the same reason sleep doctors tell you to not stare at smart phones or screens at night, light has a tremendous impact on your sleep wellness. In the evenings, light can keep your body from releasing your sleep hormones, and in the morning it tells your body when to start your wake and sleep cycles.

The science behind it all...
The science behind it all…

Working Professionals 

Waking up for work isn’t always easy especially if you have early meetings or late night calls. The Up Light gently reminds your body of it’s proper wake up time in the morning to help keep you on track while reducing the blue-green light in the evening so it’s easier to fall asleep.


Let’s face it, struggling to get your kids out of bed every morning is not a fun experience. The Up Light provides morning stimulation with the same white light that studies have shown to help reset circadian rhythms and help them wake up on their own naturally.

Travelers/Road Warriors

With a durable aluminum casing and no hubs or wifi networks to set up, The Up Light is ultra portable! Just pack it in your suitcase and swap out the bulb in your hotel room!


It’s never easy waking up for an early class, especially if you were up late working on your paper or ummm… partying. The Up Light helps provide the extra stimulation in the morning to make it easier getting up as well as help get you back on schedule.

Here’s a chart that summarize what makes The Up Light unique – we did lots of research and testing to empower you with the ability to customize your wake up experience while keeping it very simple and intuitive to use.

Founder Steve “The Night Owl” Chang realized when he married his “Early Bird” wife in 2004 just how happy and incredibly more productive she was. Try as he could, he just couldn’t naturally wake up in the mornings and it became a passion of his to figure out why.

Over time, Steve learned about delayed sleep phase and the effects of light on the body. In late 2014, Steve had the opportunity to participate at Startup Weekend San Diego, when he had the privilege of pitching the idea to his team and together they ended up winning first place! While his teammates had other commitments, Steve got so much positive feedback, he was inspired to continue work on this project to bring it life. He spoke with numerous doctors and sleep specialists to truly understand the science and requirements. He found a manufacturer who had years of experience with the technology and could build a high quality product at lower cost so that the average person could afford it. The result was The Up Light, a 16 million color Bluetooth controlled Smart Light Bulb with an expected lifespan of 20 years that’s specially designed to turn your bedside lamp into the perfect wake-up light, sleep-aid, supplemental light therapy device, and more.

some photos of our journey…

Steve presenting at Startup Weekend San Diego
Steve presenting at Startup Weekend San Diego
Behind the scenes... testing, testing, and more testing!
Behind the scenes… testing, testing, and more testing!

Testing our prototypes…

So far we have several working prototypes that Steve, his family, and friends have been testing and using with great success. We’re making some final adjustments to our firmware and perfecting our app. Your funds will help turn this dream into a reality and help bring this product that can help make mornings easier for everyone!

Your funds will be used to:

Complete the app development .

Help pay for our cost of goods, production order, and certifications.

Bring The Up Light to market

Contact Information:

The Up Light

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