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Sep 23, 2015 1:04 PM ET

Archived: BrownIT Holdings: an acquisition platform designed to quickly capture a share of the $40B annual Health IT market

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2015

BrownIT Holdings

BrownIT Holdings Logo

Problem: The aging population 75 million Baby Boomers will present major challenges for healthcare consumers, providers, insurers, and regulators for decades to come. In response to the looming crisis, industry analysts advocate an unprecedented surge of investment in Healthcare IT to (a) maintain individual access to quality healthcare, (b) contain costs, and (c) support large public initiatives such as the Affordable Care Act,, modernization of the Veterans Administration, and responses to public epidemics and health crises.

BITH Solution: We will rapidly acquire and integrate small and mid-size Health IT companies from owners seeking an exit to (a) develop next generation Health IT products and services, (b) offer acquired products to meet customer needs, (c) maximize operational efficiencies and profits, and (d) establish a prominent market presence and brand. In addition to government contractors we will target companies with solutions in electronic health records, mobile apps, cyber security, and fraud prevention tools and analytics. BITH’s first acquisition is already generating revenue from the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare. BITH has prominent leadership with expertise in government HealthIT programs, M&A, cyber security, and finance.

Competitive Advantage: BITH has extensive experience in government Health IT and the community of contractors that serve this market. We can offer small business owners continued participation in their company and other BITH acquisitions, creative packages and upsides, and incentives for senior management and “rising stars.” Our team of directors, advisers, and officers include industry executives, former government officials, auditors, government sales specialists, business owners, M&A specialist, cyber security, finance, and corporate legal.


Products / Services


BITH’s plan is to capture a portion of the $40B annual investment in the US HealthIT market through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

Government Health IT Services

BITH will target high potential small and mid sized federal Heath IT contractors with performance histories (a) implementing, testing and maintaining large health care government systems, (b) performing data mining and analytics that support policy decisions, and research,and (c) providing fraud and abuse detection and prevention products and services. By acquiring BrownIT Corporation BITH has established access to the federal HealthIT market as well Health IT customers, capabilities, and teamingrelationships with large contractors including GDIT and CSC. BITH will acquire 4-6 additional small and mid-sized government contractors by end of 2016.

Commercial Health IT Products and Services

BITH will acquire between 5-7 commercial HealthIT product and services companies by the end of 2017. In addition to Health IT system development experience to support health providers, insurance companies, and health related NPOs, BITH will target companies with products and service in (a) electronic health records, (b) cyber security, (c) health related mobile applications, and (d) 508 compliance.

Contact Information:

Thomas Kurk

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