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Sep 23, 2015 8:15 AM ET

Archived: Anita Margarita: All natural lo-calorie powdered margarita mix, sweetened with 100% agave nectar

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2015

Anita Margarita

All natural lo-calorie powdered margarita mix, sweetened with 100% agave nectar. Oranges are already in the mix, so Triple Sec is not required…. Just add water and tequila! Donations (1% of sales) to women in business around the world via micro loan sites…..kiva.org and globalgiving.org.. Very unique packaging lends itself to online sales and bulk sales to airlines, private jet companies, gift packs, even hotel vending machines.


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all natural margarita mix

all natural powdered margarita mix that has real orange, lime and lemon in the mix along with 100% agave nectar sweetener. You add this mix in your cocktail shaker or blender with your local water and tequila. There is no need to even add triple sec, as there is orange in the mix. Gluten free, chemical free and even diabetic friendly. The product itself is unique in the marketplace, but the real separator is the packaging. Extremely unique! Individual stick packs stay fresh for 18 months and are easily transported and mailed, giving it a more attractive presence on Amazon. The packaging also lends itself to bulk sales for airlines, private jet companies and even vending machines!

Contact Information:

Anita Leggero Vigil

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