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Sep 22, 2015 7:38 AM ET

UNWiND- Drink your way to Zen

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015

UNWiND- Drink your way to Zen




So nor I or my two friends here are experts in marketing so I will try my best to keep you entertained next to everyone else’s super cool projects, and hopefully maybe make you see the light in the project we love so much and would like for everyone in the world to have the opportunity to feel just as peaceful as we do! So! Our team consists of three: my two girl friends, let’s call them the Model and Yogi and I, the one who does all the work. All three are descendants from the sea! We value and take our health and exercise quite seriously and (in the most demanding form possible) work full time so sometimes, just sometimes, :p we enjoy our trips to Ibiza or Burning Man where we seem to have a hard time leaving and tend to afterwards bring the new wave of thought and this new contemporary hippie to the big city and then of course get disappointed because it is just so chaotic in the real world! So, like everyone else, we buckle up, begin our detox then off we go, back to work between New York and London again…

Model and I had both been suffering from bad anxiety and Yogi is just Yogi, she just has always had it alllll figured out all the time =/ but we love her. She does have a few things right though, her state of mind, it is as light as a feather, because it comes with her job, just yoga, literally, all day errrday just teaching yoga, but about a year ago, she started studying nutrition because she wanted to come up with a fresh soothing recipe for her clients (that’s what she says anyway) 

but she made us drink this “detox chill juice”, not the actual name, we just called it our Chill juice because it really helped Model and I get over some inner freak demons we dealt with, especially on those days after a good night-out or when it got really hectic at work or just before visiting the family, God have mercy. Anyway, we started making this magic juice and mixing this secret formula: 

No added sugar ~ 0.1g fat ~ No concentrate ~ nothing nothing nothing but the above!

And for some reason, it tastes like spa water with those cucumbers in it and strangely, with a hint of lychee?! After about a week of this, I began having cooler moments than Yogi, which in my world is pretty freaking brilliant. Model wasn’t panicking so much over her weight all the bloody time and finally started laying back. I have the drink nearly every morning and my revelation was: ‘this is meditation in a bottle’.

 I was honestly never able to get myself to meditate, who on earth wanted to be left alone with their thoughts for that long!? I didn’t know what would emerge from the eerie depths of my mind!! I have pretty dark humour you know! But now!!? I am able to sit for up to an hour in silence and completely free my mind from any thought that tried to sneak in and literally watch my thoughts like watching traffic from a hill and my thoughts were the cars driving past in the different colours and forms they came in, the madness was, it was just suddenly.. gone!

 Model’s weight obsession was rather annoying because we had to be careful with what food or drink we had in the house, including wine. Yes, we were banned from wine in our own home. Mind you, we are three women in our mid-twenties under the same roof… with no wine. Back to topic. A moment to calm thy self… She only drinks gin and tonic because I believe that’s the weight watching drink, but the clever one here suggested the cucumber extract added in the Unwind recipe to go with her Hendricks gin. So that war ended because, well, we all lost weight and it actually tastes quite magnificent.

 Yogi would mix the drink and put it in a glass jar, making it look very home-made and wonderful in her studio and actually did help some of the fidgety students in her meditation class to relax. People were responding to it. 

 Us, like anyone else, face the realities of today, the chaos and if not by feet, more so in the mind, the world becomes smaller by day and the more public one’s life gets due to the development of technology, the harder it seems to calm the mind and keep up at the same time. We drink coffee in the morning to be more alert and achieve as much as we can, then energy drinks by night to try to have as much energy and fun as we can. In between those hours, we long for a sense of calmness, so we go to Yoga classes now and try to meditate or keep watching The Secret or these new ‘I am my own God’ books or videos. But imagine if the moment you go on your lunch- break or after a work- out in your gym, and find a drink right next to the protein drinks and coconut waters that only wants to soothe and help your day? 

Riiiight? Right? Unwind has been mixed and played with the past year, between London, Stockholm, New York, LA and now we want to begin producing our ~meditation in a bottle~ all over the world and see how it goes… What do you think?” 

 To add to the excitement, we thought we would add a quote on the back for every new batch.. sort of like a fortune cookie! Just to brighten up your day a little :) Here is roughly how it will look: 

 So I have been calling and studying the past three months to find out how this works and we now have a set and ready plan, only problem is, it costs. A lot. So we need your help!

The Production and Supply procedures in their exact form and picture. From how it is made, and how with the help of planes, trucks or even the girls and I knocking on yoga and gym and juice centres to get them near you! Yes that’s the girls and I. What?

1. (The Ingredient Suppliers)  + (Manufacturers supply) –> (Packagers) whom have a minimum order of 10,000L. We planned for Unwind to be in a refreshing little 330ml carton, so you can imagine the damage. That is a minimum order of 30,300 little cartons of Unwind drinks in a warehouse we need to rent. To further deliver by truck or send to fly out to the = (Distribution company) 

 2. The (Distribution company) will get a sample and a mock up first, if they like it, they will order rather many. But at wholesale. So we have to buy from the (Packagers) from our own pocket > and send to the (Distribution company) > So that also, costs. We want Unwind in every store and gym and yoga class near you, can you blame us? 

 3. (Marketing)…. oh marketing. This is so the (Distribution company) wants more from us to be able to give more to you. And. In addition to this mission, we would like to start a campaign to raise awareness of inner peace and the effects and impact it has on one’s entire life, because really, stress is what is causing this madness and then come the downward spiral where we turn to medicine or in my case, the hidden wine! But we would like to send a big message to all that it actually is all about you, what the real you wants in the midst of the chaos, and when you are able to see it clearly, you pretty much hold life in your open hand, and not the other way around! Namaste. 

So this is our calendar of when, how much and fingers crossssed, with your help, we can launch! 

Contact Information:

Sam Dean

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