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Sep 22, 2015 3:12 PM ET

Archived: Shar-La-La Music Together: a fantastic, smart, joyful, brain-building early childhood music program

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015

Shar-La-La Music Together

Music is more than instruments and voices. It’s more than rhythm and movement. Music is a powerful force that can inspire, create community, and build family bonds. And it can be life-changing to develop our inner music-maker as early as possible.

Establish Shar-La-La Music Together, to bring Music Together–a fantastic, smart, joyful, brain-building early childhood music program–to the greatest number of children and families in the Chattanooga area possible.

More and more research indicates that early childhood (ages 0-6), a period of rapid change and development, is the most critical period in a child’s musical growth.
It also indicates that early music education (where children are making music):

  • Is linked to stronger spatial reasoning
  • builds music intelligence, which is equal in importance to logical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence
  • supports music making, which is as much a basic life skill as walking or talking
  • develops brain areas involved in language and reasoning
  • is linked with creative problem solving, imagination and innovation
  • enhances teamwork skills and discipline
  • lead to changes in the brain that persist years after the lessons stop


Because it’s a research-based program with these four powerful guiding principles:

  1. All children are musical.
  2. All children can achieve basic music competence—the ability to sing in tune and move with accurate rhythm.
  3. The participation and modeling of parents and caregivers—regardless of their musical ability—are essential to a child’s musical growth. 
  4. Young children’s musical growth occurs best in a playful, musically rich, and developmentally appropriate setting.

I’m Sharla June, and for many, many years I worked passionately as a musician, writer, and teacher in various capacities. Then, during one stunning and surprising year, I became a parent and my journey changed. I chose to leave my fulltime teaching position and to allow my working band to disintegrate so that I could raise my daughter.

This new endeavor—Shar-La-La Music Together—funded lovingly by you, my people, represents the next phase in my development as an educator and musician. While searching for an early music program to attend with my daughter, I fell in love with Music Together. I proceeded to take and pass teacher training and got permission to establish my own Music Together Center. That work is done. The next phase is up to y’all! I need your help to pay my start-up costs and to buy instruments for my center.  

When you donate to my RocketHub campaign, in addition to receiving some cool goods, you will be helping me pay for:

  • musical instruments,
  • licensing and registration fees,
  • classroom equipment & technology (music player, speaker),
  • attorney’s fees and costs to incorporate,
  • liability insurance,
  • websites and marketing,
  • and at the highest levels, scholarships that will allow families who might not be in a position to pay for classes to attend Shar-La-La Music Together for a semester or more!  

I thank you, Fine People, for while few of us have enough to pay all the costs, the combined power of our modest funds can bring music to lots of little people and their families.  

Contact Information:

Sharla June

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