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Sep 22, 2015 10:44 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015



We’ve all read the articles.

Whitewashing films is the only way to get funding.

Stories about the Disabled are best played by the Able-Bodied .

And don’t get us started on the “box office poison” that is diversity onscreen!

May we call Bullshit? Bullshit? And…Bullshit. (We’ll even cite our sources!)

This webseries was created as our own personal “backlash” against mainstream Hollywood movies, including everything we’ve been told is “bad for business”. We’re female created with a majority of female characters. We are dedicated to diversity behind and in front of the camera. And, we proudly feature disabled actors playing disabled characters.

If it weren’t for the gratuitous violence and dicks jokes, we’d be a real class act.


This is where YOU come in. We made Season 1 of “Interrogation: A Scifi Webseries” completely out of pocket. We figured, “What better way to prove that diversity is an essential, exciting aspect of storytelling than creating a webseries so high-quality and badass it can’t be ignored?”

But, we are a mere group of 10-12 awesome individuals who poured our hearts, souls, talent and time into a project. Sure, we can shout till we’re blue in the face, and we’ll just be twelve crazies shouting. But, maybe if a couple hundred thousand or even a million supporters shout with us, we’ll be a lot harder to ignore!


In a dystopian future where a totalitarian government rules over the daily lives of its citizens with complete control, leader Breyson and her team of ex-Government soldiers are the best in the rebellion at obtaining covert Government intel. They are masters at kidnapping and manipulating the truth out of Government personnel, rogue hackers and even other ex-soldiers via their unorthodox interrogations. While they pride themselves on being a better breed of badass, it becomes clear that someone has caught on to their covert missions and is closing in on the team….


If there is anything our track record shows, we do not drag our feet when it comes to getting out content. We shot the first episode (technically,Episode 3) in November 2013 and released the entire, 7 episode series in December 2014. This year alone, we’ve filmed and edited in-character reviews and personnel files. As well as another VERY SPECIAL EPISODE available only through our crowdfunding video!


We plan on delivering our films through Youtube as a fast, easy way to spread our female-driven, diversity-dedicated, disability-representing message to fans worldwide. Unlike previous episodes – which premiered one at a time – we’re going to follow everyone’s favorite binge-able schedule of a full season release. Happy future bingeing!

Contact Information:

Britain Valenti

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