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Sep 22, 2015 1:04 PM ET

Archived: Balcony Pets Inc. – The Apartment Pet Door

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015

If you’re a pet owner who lives in an apartment, you know how hard it can be to let your pet in and out without just leaving your sliding door open. You’re willing to do anything to keep your pet happy, but it would be nice if you could just have a pet door like any other homeowner.

Balcony Pets is the first pet door made with apartment owners and renters in mind.Lightweight and easy to install, our doors can be put in without making any renovations to your home.

Try the Balcony Pets Apartment Pet Door today to see how easy it can be to let your pet out, not matter where you live!  Find us on Amazon or on our website.


We’re lucky enough to live in a society where pets are allowed in many apartments.

However, if you’re like most pet owners, your pets aren’t content to just sit in your apartment all day. They need fresh air. Your dog will bark and run in circles if you don’t let him out, and your cat will look like she’s planning a murder if she’s inside for too long.

You end up having 2 choices: you can be constantly interrupted by opening and closing the door or you can just leave your sliding door open.

If you choose the latter, you have to deal with all the hot and cold air or the bugs that can easily come in and out with your pet along with higher energy bills.

None of these solutions work, and up until this point, there has been no way to install a pet door without doing major renovations that your landlord doesn’t allow.

You just want your pet to be able to go in and out freely, and you shouldn’t be limited by your apartment.

That’s why Balcony Pets is here to help! We make pet doors that can be easily added to sliding glass doors without making renovations, so it’s perfect for your apartment and your pet!


Balcony Pets is the apartment pet door that can be installed in minutes without any tools or modifications to your apartment. 

We are the only mobile solution and the first to market! Our patent-pending modular solution makes it easier than ever to let your pets enjoy the outdoor space you have. We are an easy, lightweight solution to the pet door problem.

Easily installed and totally portable, our pet door is perfect for apartment owners or people who just want a simpler pet door. Our door can be installed in less than 5 minutes with no tools and it really works!

Whether you’re in a little apartment or just don’t want to have to install an all new glass door, our door is the perfect solution! We’re an add-on that fits into any sliding glass door and allows your pet to easily run in and out of your home without leaving your door open.

With Balcony Pets, you can give your pets the freedom they deserve without breaking the bank, or your apartment lease!


Here’s how our perfect pet door works to make your life easier:

Balcony Pets comes in 3 panels that can you place inside the track of your sliding glass window and snap together. Because you snap them together, you can adjust the height to perfectly fit your door without any tools or home modification. Most heavy glass pet doors are not tall enough for sliding glass doors above 85 inches tall unless they are custom made.  Ours adjusts to 96″.

11 pounds and easy to assemble, Balcony Pets can come with you when you move or travel. The 3 panels ship well and are available in an easy-to-carry nylon bag, so you can put the pet door up and take it down whenever you want to.

Our doors are made from polycarbonate, which is well-insulated, 100% recyclable, and less expensive than many other pet doors. One part of the door grabs and the round edge seals it so that it fits the track on any sliding glass door and ensures a tight seal. The pet door is a magnet flap that ensures that pets can go as they please but the flap will close well to make sure bugs or hot air don’t get in.


Balcony Pets will be profitable right off the bat because of our unique product and a number of key adavantages.

Pet-Friendly Partnerships

Amazon has invited us to be a direct vendor, and our product is qualified for free shipping on Amazon Prime. We have started a process of week purchase orders to stock their 95 fulfillment centers. This is our 6th week taking purchase orders, and they have doubled every week.

We have set up a Goodwill assembly called “Good Source,” which employs disadvantaged people to pack and wrap our products. Our Director of Operations has established relationships with many large contract manufacturers in the US and overseas, who will help with high-volume production.

Connections that Count

We are a well-established brand with a trademarked name, Apartment Pet Door.We own 10 URLs that point to our website, have many positive testimonials, and our product is patent pending, both domestically and internationally, to ensure that our modular design and utility cannot be duplicated.

We’ve been written up by more than 100 blogs and have an active social media presence. Our founder is a member of the Women in the Pet Industry group, and this has connected us to various pet and media contacts. We also have connections through the Pet360 group and 2 large pet production distributer organizations. Thousands of people have seen our product and our brand. The first thing people say when they see our pet door is “Where can I get one?”


Our Future is Bright

Our Big Dog Door and our Apartment Pet Wiindows are next (in prototype stage now).  This product has huge international appeal.  We have orders from all over the world and we are already negotiating distribution agreements with other countries.

We have the demand for our product, but we currently do not have the inventory to fulfill very large orders. That’s where you come in!  With your help, we will be able to scale up and sell our products to PetSmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Costco, and Sam’s Club. 

For more information about the future of Balcony Pets and how you could be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!


Nancy Carson – Founder and CEO
Nancy invented Balcony Pets out of an urgent need to let her pets out of the apartment without letting harsh smoke of the neighbor’s barbecue in. After trying pillows, blinds, and drapes, she came up with the perfect solution and wanted to share it with the world.

With more than 25 years of experience in marketing and sales with companies like National Geographic and Cengage, she thrives in entrepreneurial settings and is involved in all aspects of the business.

Steve Stout – Director of Operations
The Former Director of Engineering at Cisco who retired after a successful career, Steve has over 25 years of product delivery and product lifecycle management experience. He is essential for the company’s production and has expertise in sourcing materials, creating assembly processes, cost analysis, shipping, and packaging.

Mike Dunlap – Manufacturer’s Representative
Mike has 19 years of manufacturing representative experience working with major buyers at PetCo, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club and Costco. With 20 years of experience working with buyers, he knows what they want to see in their products.

Nick Stout – Consulting Design Engineer
An expert in Engineering Design and Drafting Technology, Nick is experienced with CNC implementation and CAD file structure conversions as well as skills in producing designs for company’s anticipated automated manufacturing and assembly processes.


Gina Dial
The Vice President of Sales and Marketing at John Paul Pet, Gina has been in the pet business for a long time and has many professional and personal contacts. She introduced us to the pet department at Amazon and has also connected us with 2 major nationwide pet product distribution chains.

Priya James
Priya is a social media and video expert who has been especially valuable at periodic general strategy discussions as the company has grown.


Maggie Chen, CPA
Maggie Chen is a career practitioner with experience in public accounting, specializing in taxation & accounting services. She began her career in the private industry sector which helped her gain many insights into business operations. Prior to starting her own practice, Maggie was a partner at a local CPA firm and a tax accountant at a premium regional CPA firm providing a wide variety of services to privately held business and its owner. Her strong analytical and problem-solving skills have enabled her to recognize key issues quickly and to assist client in a timely manner.

Herbert T. Patty, Trademark and Patent Attorney
Mr. Patty and his firm offers a wide-range of intellectual property (“IP”) services including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and licensing. His professionals are capable of drafting and prosecuting patent applications in a number of technologies such as the consumer, electrical, semiconductor, telecommunications, networking, computer, software, medical, and mechanical areas. They are uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology, business, and law. Teddy has extensive technical experience and counsels individuals on the legal and business impact of their matters. 

Contact Information:

Nancy Carson
Steve Stout
Mike Dunlap
Nick Stout

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