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Sep 22, 2015 2:32 PM ET

Archived: Angee. The First Truly Autonomous Home Security System: An advanced security and communication system changing how you protect – and connect – to your home

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015

Angee gives you a full 360° view of your home — with voice recognition, at-the-door identification, motion-detecting rotation, advanced learning, cordless portability, and a number of additional features, all without any subscription fees. Angee is a welcome addition to any space.

Home is where we keep everything precious to us. But existing security systems are not smart, and are frustrating to use. Angee combines complex technology and beautiful design in an intelligent system that’s personalized, completely automated and incredibly easy to use.

Home security is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Even when you are home, Angee’s got you covered. Record and stream videos, check your calendar — it’s voice controlled and very clever.

Angee couldn’t be simpler to set up. Simply unbox it, connect it with your smartphone, add security tags at entry points around your house, and your home is completely secured.

Whether it’s for your smartphone, iPad or your smart watch we have designed the mobile experience to be the perfect natural extension of the experience you have using Angee. Connect to your home from anywhere and instantly understand what’s going on there.

Angee arms and disarms based on your proximity through a two-step authentication process of phone and voice recognition. No need to enter a code every time you enter or leave your home.

Putting trained guards at all your windows and doors would be foolproof, but not very convenient. The entrances and exits of your home are the most important places to monitor, and that’s why Angee is the world’s first smart security system with complete perimeter security. Just stick security tags on doors and windows and Angee will know exactly who comes and goes.

Angee’s built-in battery enables it to sustain power in case of an outage. You’ll receive a notification if the power goes out and Angee will continue monitoring. If your wi-fi goes offline, Angee will notify you and continue to record any activity at home, saving the footage to its local storage.

Angee detects activity 360° around it and can turn towards whatever is happening in the vicinity. You’ll have a complete view of what’s going on at your home, even when you’re away. Angee’s state-of-the-art motion-tracking technology is also great for streaming and recording family videos.

With the best technology on the market, we’ve built an incredibly advanced night vision camera, so Angee can see in the dark, even when you can’t.

Angee tells you what’s happening at home via a streamlined mobile app. You’ll receive instant notification if something out of the ordinary happens, and you can also use the app to connect with Angee remotely to see what it sees.

Privacy is the flipside of security. Who wants to be on camera all the time? Angee gets that. So it will turn away whenever you ask, whether you’re having a romantic moment or you just need some privacy. Or you can set it not to record you, and only film people it doesn’t recognize. Angee monitors when and how you want it to.

You talk – Angee listens. Angee can understand what you say and who you are. To give you the second step of authentication, set a voice password so that Angee can identify you. You can use your voice as a backup when your phone is dead. Angee is customizable and it’s up to you what level of security you choose.

A cool side effect of voice recognition is that all of its intelligent functionality is voice-controlled, so it gives you hands free communication, access to your favorite online services, and more. Angee also recognizes the voices of you and your family, so it will always personalize and contextualize its response.

The security element is paramount, but Angee does much more. Angee is a way to connect to your home, and to give you additional freedom and comfort when you’re there.

It can double as a personal assistant by recording those all-too-often missed moments, answering your phone calls, or checking your calendar. It can even remind you to close your windows if rain is in the forecast – all on voice command.

Offering an optimal balance of security and convenience, Angee is great for homeowners, renters, travelers, small business owners, Airbnb-hosts, or anyone else in search of a little peace of mind.

The system uses smart triggers to detect and record events that matter and gives you 1Gb of free cloud storage! Therefore Angee provides “fully functional” security solution without monthly fees.

Our system is autonomous. This is important because the only way to effectively secure your home is to eliminate human interaction, namely arming and disarming the system manually. 

To make a system truly autonomous—a feat only we have achieved—requires making it work reliably.  It all comes down to the ability of the system to sense human presence—your presence—at home, no matter what room you’re in, at all times, and under all circumstances.

While other systems use only the main device to sense human presence, we use a combination of multiple methods. Angee uses security tags to monitor the area effectively. The tags are placed at all entry points to your home. The tags are a combination of motion and proximity sensors so they can detect when someone has entered and left the space as well as create a “network” sensing the proximity of nearby phones more reliably than any single device ever can. As a result — Angee will always know who is at home.

To evaluate what is going on at your home and whether there is a potential threat, Angee also uses a combination of other parameters, including entry and exit patterns, changes in the background noise, and voice differentiation, all while monitoring motion and sound to identify and record any suspicious activity. Moreover, with Angee you can also easily set up to four activity zones in Angee’s sight. Angee will keep an eye on and alert you when these zones are trespassed. Angee is very easy to use—in fact it’s seamless—it just works.

Angee has been built with data protection best practices in mind. Angee core developers are experienced with real-time embedded software development. We are striving to develop high quality software by internally following similarly strict revision rules as they are used in the top open-source projects (i.e. Linux kernel).

Combining electronics and mechanical design as we developed Angee, we were confronted with paradoxes and contradictory demands on its functionality. We set our goal clearly: To overcome these challenges without compromising the experience we envisioned, making the form substantial and the design compelling. 

To build such an advanced system with great user experience, we often had to pioneer and innovate our way through. And the result? Form meets the desired function completely. You can read more about the challenges on our blog

We will have an open REST API so other developers and enthusiasts can integrate Angee into their applications and solutions. IFTTT platform support will be also available to everyone.

Everyone can live an easier life with the right technology, but it doesn’t have to be distracting. It should be powerful, but subtle. Angee is a project we believe has the potential to enhance our lives, by changing the way we live in our homes.

We make products for everyone, so we listen to everyone. By listening to the community, we are constantly improving our product and meeting people’s needs. We are on the forefront of technological innovation, but more importantly we are on the forefront of your experience with technology.  

“In the future, smart hardware and technologies will be omnipresent. They will be easy to use and perfectly integrated into our environment. These systems will understand and predict what we need, saving us time and energy, and making our lives easier and more productive. Angee is a big step toward this future”. Tomas Turek, CEO and Co-Founder

It’s the 21st century, yet securing our homes is still a frustrating experience.

What started with the curiosity of the founder soon developed into the relentless passion of our talented programmers and designers. We all came together 18 months ago to develop a better way to protect our homes.

We started by learning from people’s experience with early versions of smart security systems. As a tech-first company, we are now coming to Kickstarter with home security which is one step ahead of the competition. Our team is inspired to make the smartest home security system ever; useful, convenient, and tailored to each individual’s needs. 

After the initial phase of analyzing the problem and the available solutions, we experimented extensively, creating prototypes to test individual aspects of our solution. We have gathered the necessary expertise, but soon realized that to scale, we needed both capital and serial production experience. 

To make up for what we lacked, we partnered with a well-established hardware company who had offered to help. We made our first prototype in just four months and it exceeded everyone’s expectations, except ours. After this very short and intensive sprint, the big company offered to buy us. We decided to stay independent and invest our own money to pursue our vision of a smarter technology for a simpler life. 

Learning from our mistakes, we re-imagined the whole concept of our product, starting with the original idea and applying all our hard-earned knowledge. Our willingness and ability to sacrifice everything we had done up to that point then start from scratch was the single best decision that has enabled us to create such a remarkable product. 

Now our second prototype is ready, and we are excited to introduce it to the world.

As a hardware startup we have created an excellent functional prototype, but to scale to serial production we need your help. 

 Essentially there are three reasons why we are going to Kickstarter.

  • Validate our product concept: Autonomous, intelligent, communicative home security, which goes beyond just making your home safe to make your life more convenient. 
  • Bolster a passionate community that enables us to improve our products and keep satisfying the real needs of people. 
  • Create a brand whose mission is to make technology more functional, but less distracting in our everyday lives

 ”Great people are driven toward great things, The Angee project has attracted the best and most insane young talents. Together we are creating a beautiful, intuitive product people will love.“ – Rosta, Our CTO

 For more details read our blog.

The money we are asking will go primarily into the tooling and fixtures for serial production. Additionally some of the proceeds will go toward regulatory certification and pilot production.

After successful Kickstarter funding we will take our final version of the prototype and fine-tune it into pre-production shape. This includes primarily software tuning where we are integrating a couple really advanced technologies and we want the experience to be really smooth. Importantly, we will be working on the certification process and also on tooling for serial production.


Contact Information:

Angee Inc.

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