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Sep 21, 2015 2:29 PM ET

The Story of South African Jazz : Live

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2015


The Story of South African Jazz : Live


Afficiandos, effectionados, musicians, actors, dancers, intellectuals, writers, politicians and people – all are welcome. Join us on this fun filled day of music, culture, heritage and love … to pay tribute to a ‘golden era’ and help create connections for the golden eras to come.

With funds raised we are creating a once off multi cultural experience known as The Sophiatown Heritage Ensemble.

The Ensemble will feature icons of our musical eras and upcoming musicians set to continue the story of jazz on its unending journey. The once off event will present a fun and free wheeling, cross cultural, inter-generation and experiential live music and scripted Sunday afternoon exploring the stories of South African jazz music and culture … and an open hearted, open sourced and open minded collection of experience and wisdom connecting people with the music that underpins the real dance of life – jazz.

This event is built on a foundation of the pionnering visions and successes of Sophiatown’s Huddleston Jazz Band and the Drum magazine era; whereby talent was expressed, writing was celebrated, music thoroughly enjoyed and life was lived in the present. This event is built on a foundation provided by the successfully self published book The Story of South African Jazz, Volume One.

Hosted by the Sophiatown Heritage Centre, a new custom built cultural precinct alongside and space for authentic culture and learning, situated alongside the home of the first president of the ANC, Dr AB Xuma, this project is an interactive experience of the very best of past, present and future … and is to be enjoyed.

We will reward our patrons with an unforgettable show. A show that will live into the future not only in the minds and hearts but on CD, DVD, internet, radio broadcasts and an educational archive. The material generated in these showcases, through transcription and recording is a great investment in the cultural knowledge systems of our future. And will form a central part of the book, The Story of South African Jazz Volume Two.

Our first 50 pledgers will be given the additional reward of free ceremonial Umqombothi traditional beer which we will brew in the Sophiatown way, specifically for the event.


Milestone 1 –  R15 000
The Tipping Point
Opening the doors of Jazz Culture.

Milestone 2 – R30 000
Freedom for creation.

Milestone 3 – R45 000
A multi facetted experience of Sophiatown Heritage.

Support our South African Jazz heritage!
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