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Sep 21, 2015 1:56 PM ET

Archived: MY NYC Bridge Youth Mentorship Program: Connect Muslim boys with “Big Brothers” to build their confidence and identity as American Muslim leaders!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2015

MY NYC Bridge Youth Mentorship Program

We’re Creating Active, Confident Muslim Male Youth Leaders!

In 2013 Muslim Community Network launched the MY NYC Bridge mentorship program to engage young men in one- on- one sessions that cultivated relationships with a “big brother” to guide them on important decisions about their future, expose them to a variety of potential career paths, and provide tools and training to make a difference in their communities.

The need for programs designed specifically to engage young Muslim men are critical, yet their existence is few and far between. MCN has received numerous requests to host additional cohorts and expand the number of mentor-mentee partnerships. Sadly due to funding, we have not been able to meet this crucial need. That’s where you come in! Be the foundation of the MY NYC Bridge program and make a difference in the lives of Muslim youth for years to come! 

Tell Muslim Boys They Matter!

With the rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric in public and media discourse, American Muslim youth are at-risk of becoming enveloped by negative influences and engaging in potentially dangerous activities to themselves and their communities. Youth in the Muslim community often express frustration at the lack of avenues for them to defend their civil rights, promote tolerance and engage meaningfully in an Islamophobic climate. These youth need access to professionals from similar backgrounds, who can provide them with insight and support.   

Once equipped with this kind of support system, Muslim youth will be more likely to take an active role in their communities and responsibility for their communities’ relationship with other communities in New York. MY NYC Bridge provides the young men with a safe space to develop their leadership, express themselves in healthy, productive outlets and gives them a sense of belonging and hope for the future. Tell Muslim boys they matter by supporting the MY NYC Bridge program!

What is MY NYC Bridge?

MY NYC Bridge is a youth mentorship program that connects Muslim male teens in Islamic schools and community centers with positive role models from the broader Muslim community who are making an impact in their respective fields. The program trains students in leadership and personal- professional skills; promotes civic engagement and dialogue about the issues affecting the Muslim Community of New York City; encourages students to explore potential career paths; and provides community service and service- learning opportunities that stimulate students’ investment in the prosperity of their local communities.

The objectives of the MY-NYC Bridge program are to:

  1. Connect students to role models who are actively engaged in their communities by establishing relationships that support and expand students’ horizons as they make the critical decisions about their futures.

  2. Expose students to the diversity of fields their mentors work in, both professionally and personally.

  3. Encourage students to engage civically by providing community service opportunities for mentors and mentees to complete together.

  4. Expand students’ social consciousness by hosting workshops and dialogues about the social justice issues affecting New York City Muslims and providing the tools to affect positive change.

  5. Provide students a safe space to discuss the issues and challenges impacting their lives and their communities.

How Can I Help?

  1. Donate generously! Every dollar counts towards building the next generation of confident, active community leaders!

  2. Make sincere dua for the MCN team, the mentors and mentees and the success of the MY NYC Bridge program.

  3. Spread the word! Use the social media sharing buttons to share this campaign with your family, friends, followers and colleagues and encourage them to support. Use the hashtag #BuildMYNYCBridge

About Muslim Community Network and the MY NYC program

The Muslim Community Network develops the capacity of Muslim New Yorkers and their allies to fully participate in the social and political landscape of New York City. Our program areas: Youth Leadership Development, Community Education, Civic Engagement, and Cross-Cultural Education.

Since 2012, Muslim Community Network has run the successful Muslim Youth NYC (MY NYC) program to empower the next generation of leaders by training them in valuable leadership skills; developing their confidence and identity as leaders; and supporting them to implement social justice projects of their choosing to address issues of importance to them. Students in one cohort even held a press conference on the steps of City Hall speaking out against Islamophobia. However, we quickly found that boys were disinterested in the workshop-based format and needed more individualized attention. And that’s how MY NYC Bridge was born!

Visit our website to learn more about MCN and explore our other programs and services.

Contact Information:

Christina Tasca

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