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Sep 21, 2015 8:52 AM ET

Archived: Fikabox: Personalized snacks brought to your door

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2015


Investment proposal

Fikabox, whose CEO has been nominated as the “Startup Entrepreneur of the year 2015 in Sweden” has a proof of concept in a completely untapped niche in the Swedish market of sweet and savory snacks. Fikabox provides healthy and personalized snacks for any taste, diet or occasion. Our business has been successful since its launch in May of 2015. Our fully food-licensed facility has the capacity to expand beyond current production levels. In order to outperform our current growth, we are asking YOU to be a part of our journey to the next level of customer experience.

Our unique proprietary algorithm, a convenient and flexible delivery system together with a straightforward business model and high conversion rate, has instantly proven the high potential of Fikabox business concept. Attracting nearly 10,000 visitors to the website and generating well over 1000 registrations in the first 10 days of launch, we’re currently experiencing a growth rate of 49% in number of registered accounts since launch and a 25% retention rate.

Fikabox is an innovative company, always finding new ways to deliver excellence to our customers. We have taken an already existing and proven concept from the US and UK and developed it further to suit the Scandinavian market. Fikabox also partnered with both ALMI and Handelsbanken during 2014 as our financial advisors and received €83 000 in seed funding.

In order to increase future growth we have established strategic partnerships with both Bring Citymail and Postnord, which are the largest logistic companies in Sweden and Norway. Additionally a strategic partnership with Foodlink, which is one of the largest snack producers in Europe, allows us to diversify our cost structure, optimize an efficient delivery system and expand into Nordics.

By using crowdfunding, we would like to share our passion for snacks and raise funds for further product development and internationalization.

At Fikabox we see a need to change the way we snack, to challenge the traditional “fika” (Swedish coffee-breaks) and to show that quick food such as snacks can be healthy and fun. We provide our customers with an “easier way to snack smarter”.

You now have a unique opportunity to become a part of our progressive snacking culture and develop Fikabox together with us by enjoying our prospected growth rates of at least 15%.

Please visit "documents" for a better resolution
Please visit “documents” for a better resolution

How does it work?

Our subscribers choose between two meal themes including breakfast or snack variety. We have developed over 100 unique snack recipes giving our customers a variety of choice. Our customers can also use our preference options (ratings) on each snack and give us immediate feedback and tell us what their likes/dislikes are. Our specially computed proprietary algorithm then personalizes each order by selecting four snacks from your likings (ignoring the dislikes) and also ensures that each order is unique taking into account the customers’ previous order history and inventory on-hand.

Our boxes have also been specially designed to fit through a letterbox and are sent as ‘letters’ through Postnords’ mailbox network. In addition, we also work with Bring Citymail which helps us diversify our cost-structure and further opens up opportunities for expansion into Norway. We work with some of the largest snack suppliers in Europe as well as local farms and nut-roasters in England to maintain a stable supply chain and a high product quality.

In result our customers get four delicious and personalized snacks delivered to their door each week. The more they love a certain type of snack, the more often we send it.

Business model

Our business model is very simple, we curate delicious and mouth-watering snack recipes combining over 120 different ingredients, allow subscribers to pick the mix that best suits their tastes and then deliver a Fikabox filled with four snacks, through the mailbox, directly to your home or office each week – all for only 49SEK.

Current partnerships with both Postnord and Bring Citymail allow us to send a Fikabox across Sweden with the lowest shipping costs and the shortest time of delivery.

Semi-automated processes that are about to become fully automated after the crowdfunding round will contribute to higher margins.

In the long run, the development of the subscription model will also contribute to the higher economies of scale.

What problem are we solving?

We at Fikabox fulfill the need for healthy, nutritious and personalized snacks for all kinds of tastes and food preferences.

With urbanization and an increasingly active lifestyle, people have a higher need for maintaining constant energy levels throughout the day and therefore want something to munch on –quick food or simply a treat. The problem is that quick food generally isn’t healthy and the selection is fairly limited and fragmented.

Fikabox solves this problem by offering healthier snacks of large variety with a convenient and customized delivery service. We simply provide our customers with “an easier way to snack smarter”.

Committed to giving back, Fikabox also works closely with the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden), which is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and combating cancer diseases in children. Our customers can help and contribute by simply enjoying the product and sharing it with friends online.


What will the money be used for?

With the current crowdfunding campaign at FundedByMe, we want to develop our product further in order to exceed customer expectations and accelerate our business. In addition, we will expand marketing activities to increase a conversion rate in Sweden and start internationalization in Norway.

We will also focus on the following three main areas:

  1. Product development: As the amount of incoming data grows (product likes/dislikes), we will invest a part of received funds into improving our proprietary algorithm, elaborating new recipes, new themes and manufacturing of packages. In particular, the amount of themes will increase to 9 alternative options.

  2. Expand the team: We will recruit new developers in order to improve our proprietary algorithm further. In addition, we will attract new competences within business development and marketing in order to accelerate the development in Sweden as well as to start expansion to Norway.

  3. Marketing: We are now in the process of implementing our marketing strategy and preparing to accelerate and grow the business. The money will primarily be used to raise awareness of the Fikabox brand and concept in Sweden. By utilizing bloggers, social-and traditional media channels we will increase the traffic to the website and focus on conversion. In addition, the collected funds will be used for the marketing strategy that will bring us to Norway.

Contact Information:

Amrit Singh
Jon Gotlin

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