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Sep 21, 2015 11:13 AM ET

Archived: EZC Pak: Tackling Inappropiate Antibiotic Use

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2015




The EZC Pak is a 5-day OTC immune support supplement positioned and marketed as a physician-directed replacement for inappropriate antibiotic prescription drugs for common colds and the flu, broadly termed viral upper respiratory infections (URIs).

In a June 2014 WebMD survey, 95% of prescribers admitted to writing antibiotics when unclear of their necessity. The number 1 cited reason was patient expectation. Without changes to antibiotic usage, we believe it is estimated that drug-resistant infections will surpass cancer in global death by 2050.

EZC Pak is formulated based upon the best available scientific evidence in the management of viral URIs married to packaging design that addresses the cultural, socioeconomic, and psychological factors that result in inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and use.

The mission of EZC Pak is to change the fundamental management of upper respiratory infections, the most common infection in humans, currently contributing to rising global drug resistance.

Contact Information:

Sarath Malepati
Michael Locke

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