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Sep 20, 2015 2:45 PM ET

Archived: WHY I TOOK HIS GIRL: a study guide of sorts with experiences that are filled with successes and failures

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2015



Experience is the best education know to man. One of the many things that our society keeps flunking on is relationships.

The main reason for the flunking grade is because we keep on trying to take the test (commit) before studying and learning what it takes to pass. 

“Why I Took His Girl” is a study guide of  sorts with experiences that are filled with successes and failures. 

Take the Journey with Mark as he shares his experiences with Craig; the ex of his current lover; helping him understand why she is with Mark and not Craig.

Excerpt from Part 1.  “When a man or woman leaves a relationship to find love, companionship or physical attention, it is never because someone on the outside took their attention from the relationship. It is always because a person is offering their attention in exchange for something that they aren’t getting in a relationship. There are many different components in a loving relationship, but they all fit into 3 categories: Understanding, Support and Security.”

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