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Sep 20, 2015 10:20 AM ET

Archived: I would like to help charities: to work in an international charity (like Caritas) and assist in its efficient operation

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2015

I would like to help charities



Hello, my name is Tomasz.
I am a psychologist. I live in Szczytno (a small town in Poland). I am interested in psychology of communication, inter-religious dialogue and supporting charitable activities and activities of non-profit organizations. I am interested in very innovative forms of management – especially participative management. The effects of such a model are amazing. I want to work in an international charity (like Caritas) and assist in its efficient operation, that is more efficient helping those in need. However, at this stage, I have to thoroughly increase my knowledge with regard to participative management and management of aid organizations. Therefore, I have decided to complete two postgraduate courses: 
1. Social entrepreneurship and participative management – Lazarski University (Warsaw)
2. Organisation and management in social assistance institutions – University of Social Science (Cracow)
These studies are very important because, without them, I will not move forward. From what I know, a vast amount of knowledge can be acquired within these studies which helps to act more consciously and without improvisation. 
The cost is 7800 Polish zlotys (PLN ) = 2061 USD. Moreover, after graduation, or even in the course of studies, I plan to start a website for employees of charities (I own the website “innovations4nonprofit.org”). The website would be available in the following languages: English, French, Italian and Polish, and would have an educational function – it would teach how to effectively and innovatively manage non-profit organizations by increasing their effectiveness. Building the website and preparing the texts in all languages is the cost of approx. $ 1100. The cost of the entire project, that is education and creating the website is $ 3161. Currently, such an amount is beyond my reach. (In 2014, I had brain surgery (Deep Brain Stimulation procedure) in the neurosurgery clinic in Warsaw. I currently have no job. Therefore, I ask for help. 
Post Scriptum: Here is a quote from the website advertising the studies “Social entrepreneurship and participative management.”: “These days, there are more and more initiatives, associations and entities requesting, proposing, testing and implementing economic and business solutions based on the philosophy of cooperation, solidarity and the disappearance of divisions between 1% of “capitalists” and 99% of “employed people”. Slowly a new economy is born, defined as: social, participatory, humanistic or civic. The confirmation of this direction is the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences awarded to professor Elinor Ostrom in 2009 for proving that long-term cooperative enterprises are more efficient than capital firms. It is also proved by the experience of professor Yunus, a Nobel Prize winner – he started practical building of the social economy in which the priority is not profit but addressing specific social problems. ” 
Well, that’s the thing, helping people, not just myself. 

Contact Information:

Tomasz Trzcinski

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