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Sep 20, 2015 1:35 PM ET

HOPE Cardgame: The ultimate postapocalyptic cardgame where you become a leader of bloodthirsty aliens, brave humans, brutal bots or infected mutants.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 20, 2015

After the end of World War III, surviving humans went to the underground, because the surface was devastated by nuclear weapons and the air was poisoned by toxic wastes. In the deepest underground however lurked a bigger evil than they expected… The Aliens, creatures from their nightmares become a reality! On the surface live infected mutants (toxicated humans and animals), which would like to infect each other, and the last are Bots, a race of mechanical robots made by humans during the third world war with fully advanced AI!


 HOPE Cardgame is a tactical post-apocalyptic card game for 2 (or 4 players) that combines exciting, customizable card game mechanics and a tactical game board. Find your strategy, build and customize your own decks to destroy your enemies! Be one of the last leaders in our devastated world!

What’s unique?

 The style of gameplay is unique, but very familiar and should not take long to learn.

New source system

 Your sources for playing cards are your life pool too! You need a balance between survive and reinforcements!

Counterplay Game

 Mechanics create a lot of situation, when you could react to your opponent actions or prevent them.

Tactical battleground

 Move your units, swap them or much more. The strategy and tactics is only in your hands!

3 variants of game!  

 The game can be played in 3 variants:
Classic, Artifact or in 2vs2 game!

Complete core set

 The game has been in development for over 2 years and is designed to be the finest. We are very pleased with it and are interested to get it into your hands!

Visit the HOPE Cardgame Facebook page for more pictures, insight, and news on the game!


 The four races of HOPE Cardgame each represent a different culture. Green are infected mutants, red are brutal bots, grey are brave humans and black are bloodthirsty aliens. Each race has its own powers and weaknesses, so take a look for details what strategy they offering!

 Bloodthirsty race from the scariest dreams and nightmares. They come from deepest underground, from which climbed due indelible traces of fear and hopelessness of humans who lived through the agony
during a World War III.

 Your aliens will play large number of units, swarm your opponent, scares enemy units and don’t leave any witnesses. So create a group of Aliens and feed them with fresh meat!

 During World War III scientist experimented a lot with artificial intelligence. The result was the emergence of the first robot with fully dynamic AI, but as it turned out, was a huge mistake to humankind. Because of dynamic AI, all robots are able to live its own life and hunger for the annihilation of their creators. Due to the dialect humans name them abbreviated as “Bots”. Bots occupy the majority of abandoned factories and industrial zones, because they have all necessary spare parts nearly.

 Bots are great specialists in combat against the odds, because of their defensive abilities. They are always equipped with destructive weapons with massive attack power. Lead Bots for perishing all the enemies to dust!

 Apparently the weakest faction, however, benefit from the knowledge of the terrain and cities. After the World War III and during it, humans were forced to hide in the underground fallout shelters and subway stations. Larger groups desperately prevent every meter of underground bases, which are still declining. Others often set off the surface and looking for usable reserves, and perhaps everything that could be used to increase changes of their survival.

 Become a last people fighting for survival, enjoying their greatest strenght as a mastery of weapons from a distance. Pick up machine guns, rifles, pistols or something stronger and prevent the extermination of mankind!

 Radiation disease or adapted to existing conditions, as well as posthumous form of living. This would simply introduce representatives of mutants. There are many kinds. While animal species are wild and incontrollable, there are an intelligent sort of mutants, which leads the wild mutants for one purpose: to infect other living creatures to join their company!

 Using Mutants is easy to wound enemy units, exert them or globally pump your friendly units up. Strategically move them very close to enemy homebase to infect them all!

Playing the game

 In HOPE Cardgame, each player starts the game with 15 sources. Your goal is to defeat your opponent by reducing his or her sources to zero or get 30 sources as first. Set up is fast and easy. To play a basic game, just shuffle and deal each player a 36 card deck and you are ready to play!

 You start the game with a hand of six cards, and draw a new set of cards at the end of each turn. Your cards represent dangerous units that will fight for you, game events which cause radiactive rain, terrifying situations or much more and the last are hidden locations that provide new recruting camps with guarantee easy domination a lot of territories.

 Each turn every player in the game can play cards unless he or she has sources. Some cards cost sources to play, others are free or gives a small number of sources to that player! This means you can play any card from your hand from the very first turn. There is no slow building of resources in this game. Beware of your sources, because they are your life pool too and when you reduce your sources to zero, you loose the game!

Events and location example
Events and location example

To win a game

Classic game

 Player win if his or her opponents’ source total becomes zero or if he or she gets 30 or more sources.

Artifact game

 Player win if his or her opponents’ source total becomes zero or if he or she control 3 or more artifacts at the end of the turn.

4 players game (2 vs 2)

 Team win if all of their opponents’ source total become zeros or if the team gets 40 or more sources.

Visit the HOPE Cardgame official page for the complete rules!

Customize your own decks

 After you play some games, you would like to customize your own decks. You may do it as you like! Like in other card games, you can play cards of any and all races in one deck. If you can match races, your cards will frequently get more powerful together.

 There are some restrictions as 2 copies per each card in your deck, 4 locations and exactly 36 cards per deck. But you have a lot of freedom in creating awesome combinations, so make an army and rule the world!


Richard Kubelka said:
 Uncompromising post-apocalyptic card game, where nothing is ever clear win! Your sources will disappear as quickly as it is beginning to get.

David Drobík said:
 This is the most reversal game with unexpected evolution of the action that I have ever played and I’m convinced, it makes it that funny to play!

Kristýna Kloudová said:
 Agile, sophisticated, original and very funny game. Since it is primary a game for two players, it is ideal for couples. If your friend likes sci-fi or apocalypse, then it is an ideal gift! Thanks to the excitement and fun, the game gives you a very fast teammate converge. I fell in love with the game after my first play!

Jan Zerel said:
 I like HOPE Cardgame, because the fact that players aren’t divided into those who have and don’t have an expensive cards as is the case with many card games. Players themselves will be masters and not the money they will insert into the cards.

Jitka Gálová said:
 Easy to understand rules, great graphic design, and especially the combination of board and card game. Great dynamics, different strategies and the possibility to combine your own game deck. Overall hilarious affair.

Jiří Beránek said:
 Original card game full of twists and surprises!

Stretch Goals


Optional Buys

NEAR DEATH Expansion!

 An even more dangerous threats marches towards the death! In this expansion players will useRingleaders to create new strategies and new deck directions.  New card type Ringleaders, 20 new cards per each race, 80 new events, 40 new locations and new game board! So a new exciting game experience await you!

HOPE Cardgame: Near death comes with:

  • New Game Board
  • 10 Ringleaders
  • 20 Alien units
  • 20 Bot units
  • 20 Human units
  • 20 Mutant units
  • 80 Event units
  • 40 Location units
  • Rulebook

Near death expansion requires a HOPE Cardgame core box to play.

Shipping costs

 Shipping costs are for one basic game with all stretch goals (prices vary depending on the individual countries). We choose the best option and the carrier depending on delivery size and the country.

For more information about shipping contact us via messages.

Contact Information:

HOPE Studio

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