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Sep 19, 2015 12:55 PM ET

Archived: Second Chance Adult School: My vision is to create a small school available to young adults of all socioeconomic backgrounds, teaching courses needed for employment. We have to break the poverty cycle through education.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 19, 2015
Personal Story

I started my teaching career working on East coast in New York and New Jersey working with youth preK-12. It was here that I began working with orphaned and challenged students. This period of time augmented my compassion for orphaned kids, and it made me even consider adopting my own kids in future and raise them not only as a teacher but as a mother. After spending some time working at-risk youth I realized that having compassion without action is useless. During this time I was trying to help however possible by any extra care I could give, but I noticed at the age of fourteen or fifteen kids from this type of background are easily led to drugs, alcohol and other bad choices and many end up jailed or homeless. My mission is to support these at-risk young adults when no one else will and to give them a second chance to learn the necessary skills to turn their life around. I am of the sentiment that raising a child takes a whole village, and although these students may not be kids anymore, many young adults need support too.

Business Description

The new class will be called ‘Second Chance Adult School’, with classes starting at 3 days a week. My vision is to create a small school (1 classroom) that is available to young adults of all socioeconomic backgrounds and is specifically able cater to the most disadvantaged students’ needs. Whether they are graduates or undergraduates, incarcerated or homeless, our services will available to them. The aim of this class is to teach them the essential courses needed for employment or any good career. The course will teach practical skills in marketing, sales, communication, telecommunications and social media. Eventually I hope we can expand our coverage and bring more teachers to expand into technical and trade skills. This school will empower and equip young adults to not only find a job, but start a career. Shortly after launching, I hope to partner with factories, restaurants and other companies to help them find employment. I see that we all have to break the cycle of poverty in our community by education. I have the needed credentials and experience as a teacher for young adults and just finished my master’s degree in education. I believe now is the time for me to start this program and pour out all of my knowledge to empower our youth.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We need to rent a space that is suitable to be used as a classroom that can facilitate at least 10 students. We also need to acquire suitable furniture like desks, chairs, and educational materials. Lastly, we plan to purchase a photocopier, fax machine and 2 computers.

Contact Information:


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