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Archived: The Weightless Running Revolution Is About To Begin As The GlideCycle Is Launched On Kickstarter

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Ashland, OR, September 15, 2015 – GlideCycle announced that it is raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finish the development of their revolutionary weightless running technology. The company set out to raise $80,000 on Kickstarter to develop and produce the first batch of their latest 2016 GlideCycle invention that is going to start the Weightless Running Revolution.


The Weightless Running Revolution is About to Begin as the GlideCycle is Launched on Kickstarter

GlideCycle™  is the world’s finest running bicycle for everyone. It is beyond a low impact elliptical—it is weightless running.


Run hard…run fast…run long.  GlideCycle’s unweighted technology offers a tremendous new advancement in rehabilitation, sports training and aerobic conditioning simply by allowing athletes and riders to train without impact to sensitive bones and joints.

David Vidmar, GlideCycle president and inventor, spent years researching and testing the GlideCycle before it was produced.  “We designed the GlideCycle so that more people will have the opportunity to run outdoors and have fun while getting fit.  It’s not only an excellent option for cross training, it’s an exercise alternative for those who are seeking weight loss or who can’t put stress on their joints,” said Vidmar.

Over 50 million Americans go running each year and 116 million more folks walk outdoors for fitness. Each year up to 70% of these runners will experience an injury needing rehabilitation. Gravity is the root cause, as so many runners and walkers simply can’t bear the pounding of 2.4 times their weight in ground reaction force. A Brigham Young University sports research study found that, “runners using the GlideCycle experienced an 86% reduction in ground reaction force (GRF)”.

Unlike a bicycle, GlideCycle riders are suspended in a comfortable, pelvic suspension saddle under a spring arch frame with no pedals.  Riders use their legs to push forward in a movement similar to running or gliding, without the impact.  It allows the rider to achieve a closer motion to actual running or walking than any other equipment on earth.

Since the GlideCycle causes virtually no painful impact to sensitive muscles, bones, and joints, it is also used in conjunction with physical therapy for sufferers of arthritis, diabetes, vascular complications, leg amputations, joint and muscle disorders, and those with injuries or surgeries to the hip, knee, ankle or foot, even wheelchair users.  Because of its unique unweighted technology, GlideCycle has also been used for conditioning for large athletes, such as weightlifters and football linemen, who may otherwise be aerobically limited. It has been recommended by doctors, physical therapists and trainers.

GlideCycle™, is currently seeking to raise $80,000 through Kickstarter to help develop and launch a lighter and improved GlideCycle 2016 X-Runner.  A limited production run of the 2016 X-Runner will be available on Kickstarter for the discounted early bird price of $1049.  2014 GlideCycle models are also availableon Kickstarter for a discounted price.

More information can be found on the GlideCycle Kickstarter page:

GlideCycle is a division of Aldavida Inc. out of Ashland, Oregon. Aldavida designs, produces, and distributes High-percentage Body Unweighting equipment. The Company currently produces two commercial product lines: the GlideTrak and the GlideCycle. They are well-positioned to capture a growing outdoor low-impact fitness cycle market with the GlideCycle.Related Links:

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