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Sep 18, 2015 10:48 AM ET

Archived: Sports Xtra: are the children’s physical activity experts with 36 franchised territories in the UK

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2015

Sports Xtra




Our business is all about delivering high quality children’s activities and increasing participation in physical activity. It is about encouraging children to have fun, take part, learn new skills and fulfil their potential.

When managed well, sport breeds confidence in children of all abilities and from all backgrounds. It nurtures core skills like teamwork, respect, discipline and fair play and provides opportunities to mix with all types of people.

Sports Xtra was founded in 2002; delivering a high quality sports provision for schools and parents. Our core business is delivering innovative children’s physical activities which we believe is extremely important for children as they grow up.

All our programmes are designed to promote a positive approach to exercise within a structured learning environment.The company’s mission is that every child who attends an activity will leave having enjoyed themselves, learnt new skills, made new friends and feeling good about themselves.



We feel that Sports Xtra has already made a significant impact in the development of a new paradigm in children’s physical activity & coach training.

Rather than the traditional approach of focusing on the ‘sporty’ children to improve their performance, Sports Xtra has evolved an approach that specifically targets children that aren’t engaged by the traditional mainstream sports such as football, rugby or hockey.

Instead of focusing on improving skills, we work on building confidence and self-belief, rather than pushing children to improve, we facilitate them to have fun. It works!

Since Sports Xtra was founded in 2002 we have created jobs, certified apprentices and supported primary schools with their sports provision & introduced hundreds of thousands of children to physical activity in a fun & engaging environment.

There are many coaching providers that parents can book their children with who will coach them football or rugby skills, but Sports Xtra’s value proposition is to provide something quite different. We teach our staff to replicate what we call ‘the Finlay Factor’.

Finlay was a young boy that attended the first ever Sports Xtra holiday course in 2002. He was that 5 year old child that was crying and refusing to let go of his Mum’s leg when it was time for her to go to work, slightly overweight & very shy. He didn’t want to get involved in the games & the other children laughed at him because he had poor co-ordination.

But our coaches made a fuss of him, gave him our attention & got him involved as a ‘helper’. At every opportunity we made a point of engaging him & make him feel good about himself. By the end of the 3rd day, he had celebrity status amongst the other children & was giving the coaches ‘high fives’ as he walked past them. His Mum could not believe the transformation from the teary eyed, timid little boy that she’d left with us on Monday morning.

That’s the Finlay Factor & what we believe any caring parent will pay a premium for!



2002 – Sports Xtra founded by Gareth Lippiatt in a handful of Cambridge primary schools.

2008 – Decision is taken to expand the footprint as a business format franchise with 2 pilot territories launched.

2009 – Sports Xtra join the British Franchise Association (BFA) as provisional members as first franchisees are recruited.

2010 – Gareth Lippiatt announced as Chairman of the new industry trade association COMPASS (now part of UK Active).

2011 – Sports Xtra acquire Regional Sports Schools (a competitor owned by Rob Oyston based in Cardiff).

2012 – Rob Oyston is to takes over as CEO with Gareth Lippiatt moving to Chairman.

2014 – Sports Xtra announce merger with competitor franchisor A Star Sports increasing the national footprint to 36 franchisees. Rob Oyston appointed to full BFA Board. Network revenues reach £1.8 million for year to Dec 2013.

2015 – Sports Xtra gain partnership with Warner Bros to promote Tom & Jerry Spy Quest in the Autumn.





This is an exciting time in the development of the Sports Xtra brand and we are seeking a capital injection in order to exploit the opportunities that have arisen.

The use of funds will be as follows:

* Marketing and brand awareness of the Warner Bros partnership to promote Tom & Jerry Spy Quest in the Autumn.

* Significantly ramping up franchisee recruitment with increased brand awareness and exposure.

* Increasing headcount to provide additional support to franchisees as our network size increases.

* A budget to explore the potential for overseas expansion in to overseas markets such China, the Middle East and India.

Contact Information:

Gareth Lippiatt
Sharon Bassett
Rob Oyston
Gary Bassett
Cris Beswick

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