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Sep 18, 2015 1:47 PM ET

Archived: Public Art for London’s Latin Quarter

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2015

Public Art for London’s Latin Quarter

We want to raise the profile of Latin American retailers at Elephant and Castle by commissioning contemporary Latin American public art to provide character and unity to London’s Latin Quarter. Latin Elephant’s consultation with Latin American retailers and organisations has exposed the desire that exists for a major piece of public art work or sculpture to provide a stronger sense of identity to the Latin Quarter in Elephant and Castle (EC). This can take the form of a permanent bespoke commissioned piece (sculpture and or mural) or as a programme of short temporary installations. Community involvement, engagement and sense of ownership will be guaranteed through a community engagment programme associated with the public art work. The resulting art work will enhance and improve the immediate environment, potentially increase footfall and draw more visitors to the area bringing lasting benefits to the existing migrant and ethnic businesses in EC.

What we’ll do:

  • Commission contemporary Latin American artist to produce public art work for London’s Latin Quarter.
  • Community Engagement workshops associated with the public art work.

Why it’s a great idea:

The Latin Quarter is one of London best kept secrets. With over 20 years in the making and with more than 80 shops it is a vibrant addition to London’s economy and culture. The regeneration of EC presents challenges and opportunities for Southwark’s migrant and ethnic retail population. The proposed activity takes forward one project proposal from our feasibility study to enhance London’s Latin Quarter. The feasibility study was funded by Southwark Council’s High Street Challenge Grant. The principle of the Latin Quarter is to enhance the immediate environment to attract a wider customer base by making it more visible and appealing to new visitors and customers. The commissioned piece and associated activities will provide a vital mechanism for Latin Americans to participate in the process of urban change in what is now a key planning stage at EC. By investing now you will become a stakeholder in London’s Latin Quarter and be part of the driving force behind the community vision.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Hire consultants to draw brief, define and manage the commissioning process, and support with art specific fundraising
  • Hire partner organisation for community engagement programme
  • Hire suitable venue for community engagement workshops
  • Open call for artists and constitute panel of relevant stakeholders (shortlist and final)
  • Community engagement workshops
  • Design development and presentation (stage 1)
  • Final artist selected & design development and presentation (stage 2)
  • Risk assessment, structural engineer assessment and input into design, establish planning permission if required
  • Draw up maintenance and management plan
  • Installation and Launch

This project draws on consultation with Latin American retailers in EC, the results of which are summarised in Latin Quarter Elephant and Castle Community Vision report (http://latinelephant.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Draft-report-Jan-2015.pdf). The feasibility of these proposals form part of London’s Latin Quarter Study (in print).

We have identified three phases – we are seeking funding for phase 1&2:

Phase 1 – Hire art consultants / Agreement from property owner / Open call / Constitute panel / Draw shortlist

Phase 2 – Hire community engagement partner / Appoint shortlisted artists for 1st stage design / Community engagement workshops / Design development and presentation of proposals

Phase 3 – Final selection / 2nd stage design development / Risk assessment, structural engineer assessment and input into design / Contact planning services to establish if permission is required / Maintenance and management plan drawn up / Installation / Launch


Contact Information:

Latin Elephant

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