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Sep 18, 2015 11:09 AM ET

Archived: Move – Wireframing: the Weekend App

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2015

Move – Wireframing


“Move” is the Weekend App.

With Move, a user can access whats happening around them with Location Services. In the user’s feed, they can access events by how far they are, how popular they are, or even see if their friends are going to the event by linking their accounts to Facebook.

Being a college kid in the University of Georgia, one of the greatest partying schools around, I always find myself looking for things to do on the weekend. Some weekends, I struggle to find parties or events near me. It was made apparent to me that an app that incorporated my location and preference, among other things, to find exactly what I want to do.

With Move, people can “make moves” and publish them to the public for other Move users to access. These events, or moves, will include a location and time. The active events will have a green dot. A user can click on the Move and see if they would like to attend.

Here comes the social media part. We would encourage people to post pictures and comments on the Move’s Page, like a forum, so people can decide if they would like to go or not. If your friend is at an event, you will be able to see this. If you say you attended a Move, it will appear on your collection of Moves on your profile, and add to your friends feed.

Eventually, we would like to incorporate Locations to this. For example, parks or monuments. But that is for the future. This will be a very dynamic app.

MONETIZE: Of-course, this will be a free app. We plan to incorporate adds.

But also, we would like for businesses to use the app to promote their business. Businesses looking for promotions would end up on top of the feed for all users.

We are a group starting tom get into app development. We would like a small amount of money to invest in a good Wire-framing program and to hire someone on Dribbble.com to make our art for our app.

Thank you for our trust in the company,

What makes this app so unique

  • App for College Students – The Weekend App
  • We love useful apps like these.

Why we need your support

  • App Design
  • Servers, APIs, and data diagrams
  • Promotions & Final Product
Contact Information:

move - The Weekend App

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