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Sep 18, 2015 3:28 PM ET

bigFooder – Online Food Ordering: Delivery for ease

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2015

bigFooder – Online Food Ordering

Who we are?

Hey, thanks for sparing your invaluable time for us!

We are a triplet at IIT (BHU) Varanasi pursuing our technical education while envisaging the creation of a radical way you succumb to want of sapid food. We are a pack of enthusiastic entrepreneurs engrossed in showing the society a new form of eating and ordering habits, having realized the absence of ‘food for all, delivery for all'(comprising all pay sections in the society). We aspire to reach out to all the sections of the society and not just the heavy pockets.  It’s a platform where craving for mouth-watering food gets satiated effortlessly. bigFooder is a spider that wants to weave a network of taste and its admirers, and to channelize the love that would strengthen through stomach-full fooders. And yes, this spider knows how to keep its family together.

Our story

Our hostel life has been a mentor to us making us realize the boons around and the needs unserved or misserved that often trouble. It gets so annoying when you reach out to an eating place to place an order and your food isn’t available (even if mentioned in the menu). We often found ourselves helpless and left starved waiting for our food orders from the restaurants around our campus. The feeling of the need to form a body that monitors the food delivery of these restaurants in various cities in India, with all the available dishes, cuisines, desserts, etc. of different restaurants at one place to select from, getting delivered at the fooder’s place timely and efficiently, gave birth to bigFooder.

Food is national security. Food is economy. It is employment, energy, history. Food is everything. – Jose Andres

What impact will bigFooder make?

We all love food. Pardon me, loads of delicious food! And food is what we work for, live for. bigFooder provides you the ease to order your mouth-watering desire whenever your taste buds get charged. But we are not limited to this. bigFooder incorporates a GPS system that gives you the advantage of real-time tracking of your order and when the fooder keeps a check on his order, delivery and reception delay problems get cracked. As this idea turns out to be successful in future, upping of the demand or number of orders from restaurants generates employment opportunities for delivery boys.

Moreover we wish to leave a positive impact on the underprivileged, by donating a small amount to our partnered NGOs for every order you place, plus giving you an opportunity to be a bit philanthropic as you donate a meal for the poor and needy. India is a country where you find a hungry ragamuffin every 100 metres. You glimpse the anhungered, feel that instant pity and just roll on. Sometimes you wish you had some food with you to sate his appetite. But what if you could do that with just a momentary generous thought and a couple of clicks or taps? Hungry children roaming on the streets would then have some benefactors like you and we would be proud to help you out in this. So for the cause you can extend a helping hand by simply accessing ‘Donate a meal’ tab on our app or website and experience the pleasure and contentment you get being generous.

The first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind. Food is moral right for all who are born into this world.  –Norman Borlaug

Together we achieve!

bigFooder is ardent to step into the field with you hand in hand. It’s gearing up to come out in the open only requiring your catalytic push. Every great idea has its financial needs. The need for capital in the genesis of liss-furnishing service is inevitable and ineluctable and so we come to you for your generous help. We require a humble sum of $15,000 to wake the beast up and kick off. Our expenditure includes fast web hosting, app hosting, GPS tracking system, bulk sms system and a little promotion. We are willing to present you with some perquisites to express our gratitude for your benevolent and auspicious help. Each perk is mentioned with its respective pledging amount. If we don’t meet our funding goal, we will try to make the best use with whatever we get and we surely won’t disappoint you. Any amount beyond the raised sum will be availed to improve and augment the services.

Risks and Challenges

Yeah! There are risks and challenges, for a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. And we are ready to face and thrash every single of them.

1. Maintaining the good quality and service from different restaurants will be      cumbersome, but that will the utmost priority of bigFooder.

2. There is always a chance of failure in a startup .What if the restaurants do not       find our idea lucrative and feasible? But we are ready with some exciting deals to rope them in.

3.  What if we do not gain enough market? So, we’ll have various exciting discounts for our customers for then why will they opt us, to pay more.

We are exuberant enough to turn down any hurdle, and work hard and even harder to pave our way through the crowd.

Talk it! Cultivate it!

Spread the word! Help it grow! Plant awareness, for who knows when you  give us your social support, we find a financial one too. I don’t wish to remind you again, bigFooder is yours to sow and yours to reap. Give bigFooder a try. Waiting in its wings are some nifty ideas, let it fly. All it requires is to be winded.



Contact Information:

Ankur Yadav
Anshul Mahawar
Ankur Tomar

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