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Archived: STELLIGHT – The Next Generation Smart Bike Light Is Here

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STELLIGHT – The Next Generation Smart Bike Light is Here


Redefining biking, STELLIGHT offers bikers customizable, app-enabled and QR sharable blink patterns for various purposes on the go, by only one light

STELLIGHT on Kickstarter

Denton, TX, 14 September 2015, Grabotech announced today that it is raising funds on Kickstarter for its project, STELLIGHT, a smart bike light to offer bikers versatile light patterns for various purposes on the go.

Common bike lights on the market have little more than on and off, and control between the front and the rear is not convenient either. Well then, for bikers, can there be other options?


Good news – STELLIGHT, the next gen smart bike light offers bikers app-enabled, customizable and sharable blink patterns for various moods and purposes on the go, all by only one bike light. Grabotech, the team behind STELLIGHT, is now raising funds on Kickstarter, at the goal of $60k.


The question is, ‘how can a simple bike light do that?’ STELLIGHT, though being a smart light, encompasses the basic requirement of a bike light – strong and durable. It is housed in an aluminium alloy casing, CNC-machined and splash-proof, all of which make it wolverine-strong. Better still, it can be mounted at whatever positions and orientations, hence giving you the best flexibility to accommodate other gadgets.


Here’s where things get really interesting. STELLIGHT isn’t just durable and flexible. It’s an expression of your personality. While bikers have tried hard to add unique elements on their bikes to stand out from the crowd, an even more chic way will be to manipulate the bike lights. Blink to show if you’re a gent, geek or trendsetter. Or adjust the patterns to the emotional tone and timbre of your ride. In addition to the six premade blink patterns in each of the FRONT and REAR, more patterns are available on STELLIGHT WEB or get shared by other STELLIGHTs using QR reader on STELLIGHT APP. Tech maniacs can even DIY their light pattern using the user-friendly STELLIGHT APP. All these light patterns are ultra-bright for you to see and to be seen.

Being a versatile bike light, STELLIGHT also serves numerous purposes on the go. Riding in a well-lit spot? Let’s go to battery-saving mode. Or try alert mode to flag down an emergency vehicle. With the burn time estimator, STELLIGHT tells you how long your battery can go with that light pattern. You can always find the best fit for the length of your ride.


Better still, with Stellight, there aren’t any annoying buttons to press. To change light patterns, simply rotate the side knob, even with your gloves on! And how can you miss the front-rear connectivity function? The FRONT and REAR lights are connected wirelessly via BLE, and you can turn on or change patterns of the REAR by rotating FRONT knob. No more arm fetching under your seat!


What’s more, STELLIGHT is thoughtfully designed for you to socialize with your biking bros and sis. Share your STELLIGHT pattern or get a new pattern by using the QR code reader on STELLIGHT APP, and you’re off to the races. Above all, STELLIGHT comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Go worry-free!


STELLIGHT is made by bikers for bikers, especially for those who enjoy a nighttime ride. Durable, customizable, convenient, STELLIGHT makes the wonderful experience of riding your bike, even better. So go support it on Kickstarter.



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