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Sep 17, 2015 7:54 AM ET

Archived: SteadXP – The Future of Video Stabilization: Plug and play video stabilization, hyperlapse and VR device, compatible with nearly all cameras on the market.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 17, 2015

After years experiencing the limitations with current video stabilization technologies we decided to take a drastically new approach to developing our own solution.

SteadXP delivers 3 axis stabilization in a lightweight, easy to use package. Our devices are compatible with nearly all digital cameras, including GoPro®*, DSLRs and cinema cameras.
By combining our custom hardware with a unique software approach, SteadXP allows you to shoot action shots without the bulk or hassle of a steadycam or gimbal.

Using SteadXP’s built in accelerometer and gyroscope, your camera’s movements are accurately recorded as you shoot. When you’re finished, just connect SteadXP to your computer and watch as the software stabilizes and reduces all of the unwanted artifacts in the footage.

And beyond stabilization, our advanced software features turn any of your handheld shot in a perfect cinematic move:

The real breakthrough is how free you are to film without the hassle of any mechanical structure between you and the camera. Now you can do crazy camera movements and decide only later how smooth your shot is going to be.

Just plug your SteadXP on your camera, and you are immediately ready to start shooting.

In practice, your camera records unstabilized video as usual. In the same time our device saves all camera movements.

Then our post-treatment software will automatically upload, extract and process datas to compensate for any unintentional movements.

Within a few seconds, SteadXP software will suggest you to choose between different trajectories already optimized for your shot, resulting in different typical looks.

Pick one profile, quick preview, click Run and that’s it!

Under the hood, our algorithm automatically builds a new virtual camera trajectory freed from geometrical distortions, vibrations and even the worst rolling shutter deformations.

So it is now possible to film handheld, without gimbals, glidecam, steadycam or shoulder rig.

But of course SteadXP shouldn’t be seen as a strict competitor to traditional stabilization solutions. Our device will also bring an added value (Horizon lock, reframing…)  in association with your mechanical stabilization system.

A major advantage of SteadXP technology compared to 100% software solutions is how fast and robust is the processing. Knowing everything about your camera movement, we don’t need to run a “first pass” analysis on your video.

Computation time is therefore very significantly reduced. Moreover, if you ask us the GPU support, we will add a Stretch Goal during the campaign. You can therefore expect real time correction even in a 4K workflow!

By it’s unique workflow, SteadXP opens new filming opportunities to both the professional filmmakers looking for the perfect framing, and to athletes filming with POV mounted cameras.

We developed 2 versions of SteadXP. SteadXP@ is made specifically for GoPro®* cameras, and SteadXP+ is designed to fit almost any other video camera.

To make no compromise on stabilization quality, both SteadXP models share key components:

  • powerfull 32 bit ARM processor,
  • 3 axis gyroscope,
  • 3 axis accelerometer,
  • microSD card slot (FAT16 / FAT32 class 4 min: 32 GB max),
  • USB connectivity (Mass Storage Device)

SteadXP@ is a 34 grams accessory you just plug on the expansion port of your GoPro®* camera, and that’s it ! Powered by the host camera battery, you can start and stop your recording as usual, in any of the video modes (wide modes are recommended for the most dynamic scenes).

SteadXP@ fits inside GoPro®* waterproof case
SteadXP@ fits inside GoPro®* waterproof case

 SteadXP@ fits inside the GoPro®* waterproof case with its extension backdoor**.

SteadXP+ is a 60 grams accessory compatible with nearly all pro and semi-pro cameras. It only requires:

  • an accessible flash mount (standard coldshoe),
  • a stereo microphone input,
  • and a clean video output (AV Out or HDMI).
SteadXP+ prototype mounted on GH4 coldhsoe
SteadXP+ prototype mounted on GH4 coldhsoe

You can also use SteadXP+ on professional cinema cameras, with several options how to ensure the synchronization (standard Genlock signals: bi or tri-level sync).


The standalone SteadXP software allows to:

  • preview stabilization results,
  • cut several sequences,
  • and adjust rendering options if you are looking for a particular result.

From day one, we are looking for the most intuitive user experience. Our software combines 2 different approaches: Set and Run features (1 clic approach), or intuitive advanced tuning functions with Semi-automatic features.

Several stabilization profiles are proposed by the software: covering different typical kind of shots (various action sports, horizon lock, hyperlapse, handheld footage, shoulder rig shot, virtual tripod etc…). Picking the appropriate profile (or following software recommendation) gives great results most of the time.

You can always create new profiles or quickly adjust rendering options based on several parameters (stabilization intensity, desired crop factor, Hyperlapse speed, enable Horizon LockVirtual Motion Blur / Pixel interpolation functions etc…) to produce the exact result you were looking for.

Some camera movements like quick panning shots are particularly unpleasant to watch without motion blur effect. By enabling this option, SteadXP software will add a virtual motion blur, for which you can set effect dynamic and intensity.

Video example : without / with Motion blur option (alpha version : work in progress)

Sometimes, the rotation amplitude of a handheld camera can be so large that even a very wide-angle lens is not enough to produce a very smooth trajectory, especially when the Horizon Lockoption is enabled. The time of one missed step, a sudden rapid move can ruin your shot by unfortunately affecting a few frames. 

If you set custom options trying to fix this high amplitude rotation with high smoothing level, a black zone can briefly appear in the output corners of the frame, due to the lack of input pixels!

To avoid that, our algorithm uses past and future frames to fill this black zones. It automatically reconstructs missing parts of the frame without any noticeable defect. This is a useful function when stabilizing the most dynamic scenes.

Video example : without / with pixel interpolation option

Beyond automatic features, if you are looking for a particular rendering effect, you can take total control of framing with a complete set of semi-automatic features.

By a few manual interventions, and with the help of the preview window, drive intuitively your final virtual camera trajectory.

If you are in quest for the perfect framing of your scene, our interactive timeline will give you a complete control on final result. You can intuitively add and edit orientation keyframes to match the exact framing you were looking for.

Reframe your subject in post with SteadXP software

Attaining the stretch goal #3 will allow us to implement automatic following of subjects on screen. Face detection will help you identify the subject to highlight, follow, and to maintain in a particular zone of the frame.

One of our future plan for SteadXP is to release Mobile Applications (Android, iOS) to complete the workflow with a quick preview solution to validate the shot on the spot, at least in low resolution.

For the highest resolutions rendering (like 4K), you will still need the desktop application, but it will be a very convenient addition to support a demanding professional workflow.

As you can see below this custom Stretch Goal is one of those we propose to build in a collaborative mode. Feel free to join the discussion!

Stretch Goals

Of course this is still a work in progress demo (and one of this custom Stretch Goal we propose to build together), but you should take a look at what we have accomplished so far with only 2 GoPro®*!

SteadXP is the first device to automatically keep horizon stable when filming Virtual Reality immersive shots…

Adding this to SteadXP’s native rolling shutter correction technology, means you’ll never be sick again in watching VR videos!

Of course, what has been done with 2 cameras can become a reality with 4 or 6, and with any existing multi-cameras rig using SteadXP@ or SteadXP+… Just spread the word if you are interested in this feature, and we will build a new Stretch Goal for this!

Waiting for (soon) Youtube 360 video + 3D integration, here is a 3D demo you should watch with your Cardboard or Red/Cyan glasses!

Whatever the model of camera you use (genlocked pro camera, GoPro®*), at this date you can’t use traditional gimbals, OIS and EIS stabilization systems in 3D shooting, that’s a fact.

So SteadXP is therefore the first technology to stabilize your 3D shots!

Shipping Zone

To limit the EMI certifications costs, we will initially ship in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Upon reaching Stretch Goal #2, we will extend certifications for the boards and the shipping zone will include China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Russia.

And of course we will ship worldwide if you make us a very successful project!


  • Adrien Farrugia: Founder & CEO
  • Stan Borkowski: Co-founder contributing to mechanical design and mathematics
  • Mathias Lopez: Co-founder and action sports Filmmaker
  • Frédéric Hélin: Network relations with Grenoble HiTech ecosystem
  • Jérôme Maisonnasse: Prototyping and Quality tests with FabMSTIC
  • Jean-Pierre Tawil: Business Development

SteadXP partners

  • Patrice Marsanne (Anthemis Technologies): we have been working closely with this experimented electrical engineering team to design and prototype, prepare the EMI certifications and industrialization of the boards for more than a year now.
  • Guillaume Belle (RGF Plastique): this international group is specialized in injection moulding study and conception since decades. We are preparing our housings and industrialization with their high expertise level.
  • Emmanuel Pampuri: Special Communication & Marketing advisor.
  • Jean-Pierre Beauviala: Special advisor, designer of Aaton cameras and sound recorders.

First SteadXP independent review

Dan Chung, main editor at NewsShooter.com received a SteadXP+ prototype a few days ago. You can find his complete test and article here.
Thanks a lot for your review Dan!

Why we need your help

The development of SteadXP started 3 years ago and our hardware and firmware are mature. All technological barriers are crossed, all critical components are sourced and boards are nearly ready for production.

But at this date, our software requires a dose of polish! All functions are implemented and stable, but we need to hear your feedback to reach the best user experience possible.

Of course we need your contributions to hire developers, pay contractors, run quality and robustness testing, logistics, tooling and certification of the boards.

But most of all, we need every each of you as an ambassador for our products. Because SteadXP technology is what we call an unexpressed need: if people don’t hear about us, we know they are not looking for a technology like SteadXP. Just because there is no equivalent solution!

A Kickstarter campaign will certainly help us spread the word, but it will work ONLY with your personal involvement! SteadXP is by far the best stabilizing and cinematic shot solution in its price range, let other people know about it!

Moreover, the more funds we collect, the faster will be the delivery of your rewards, and more cool features will be added. So please share the news with your community; you can write about it on forums, or tweet it to your favorite Tech blogger… Beat the drums about us, we need you!


 Video contest

After delivery, everyone who pledges will be able to participate in the coming months to our video contest using SteadXP technology.
We propose at least 2 categories: amateur / professional filmmaker.
So join the SteadXP community and let us know how you see the rules, what you dream to win… Be part of it!
Please Note
*: GoPro® is a registered trademark of GoPro, Inc.
SteadXP SAS. (“SteadXP”) is not affiliated with GoPro, Inc. 
** : we recommend to use GoPro® official accessories.
Contact Information:


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