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Sep 17, 2015 1:50 PM ET

Reelak – A Nomadic Film Screening

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 17, 2015

Reelak – A Nomadic Film Screening

The story of the project

Hi there! We’re a bunch of passionate film lovers behind Reelak, an upcoming series of open-space film screenings, and we’re excited to announce our debut event! It will be held on Saturday, October 3 at Lepark in Chinatown — it’s a combo of a real cool space and a beautiful skyline. But, with this being our debut, we will need your help to make it happen!

Here’s the idea: we want to take films outside, and into everyday spaces. Wouldn’t that be cool? We’re starting with rooftops first, because the Singapore skyline is such a gorgeous backdrop to watching films, but who knows: maybe in the future we’ll get to watch, say, Avatar 2 at Pulau Ubin!

In our first screening, we’ll be bringing you two awesome films: the Oscar-nominated Israeli film Footnote, a family drama revolving around the troubled relationship between a father and his son. On top of it, we will also screen a Filipino short film titled After Class about two women awaiting their rides home, with different ages and interesting power balance. It’s a Junior vs Senior themed movie night!


There’s more! Our partners over at Lepark will be selling cold beers and–best part–Israeli snacks: hummus, falafels, what have you. And if you’re kind enough to contribute, you’ll get your own exclusive share of perks — from free food and beverage combos, having your name in the show, or even getting to request practically anything for our future screenings!

All in all, we think our event will be a fun way to bring together both cinephiles and regular moviegoing joes from all over Singapore to do what we love most: watch films, but at an atmosphere that’s out of the usual box.

How the funds will be used

We will be strictly limiting the use of all funds raised in this campaign to pay off the costs incurred in making this event happen. The breakdown is as follows:
-Audio and visual equipment (projector, screen, audio and technicians)
-Venue rental
-Generator (so People’s Park Complex doesn’t suffer a blackout if we trip up!)
-Marketing materials
-Designer fee 

Any excess funds raised beyond our target amount will be used for our future events.

Some of my other work

We’ve each had experience putting together large-scale art and film festivals and long term social NGO projects as part of other organisations, such as the Singapore Art Book FairSingapore International Film FestivalNusantara Develepment Initiatives, and Indonesian Arts Festival. This is the first time we’re coming together, as a group of friends, to make our open-air, nomadic cinema concept come alive.


Rain: Wet weather might put a damper on our open-air concept, but we have a secret location stashed nearby that we’ll activate at the first signs of a downpour.

Haze: We know, PSI levels are getting dangerously high. Apart from the evening breeze that will help clear up the smog, if PSI hits unhealthy levels, we’ll be ready to hand out some limited-ed N95 masks designed by our awesome local illustrators AND free tickets to our next film screening event. 

Contact Information:

Aqila Xiao Qi
Prima Aulia Gusta
Putra Muskita
Elaine Neo

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