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Sep 17, 2015 4:20 PM ET

PRESSURES – Prejudice EP: Bringing Unity | Anti-Hate | Anti-Racism

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 17, 2015

PRESSURES – Prejudice EP

Hi there! Thank you for checking out our campaign, it’s nice to know our message is gaining people’s attention!

We are currently writing towards recording a 5-track EP. Music of our genre has always been driven by passion and ours especially because we strive to focus on topics such as hate and racism. 

In relation to our new EP we find that not enough contemporary bands out there are talking about hate and racism, when prejudice affects us all. As a metal family, we all bang our heads together and get along – it doesn’t matter what you believe in or where you are from, and this is something we want to express with our music. In light of this theme, we ask for your support and collaboration to help us to spread the message of unity with our newest EP, and make ourselves heard!

This message will be a lot stronger and more meaningful if everyone shares a collective voice with us. Through this process your cooperation is vital for us to reach our goal. You will not go unrewarded though as each level of donation has its unique perks. 

We have already invested a lot but we still need to cover some costs in order to bring this project to life. We intend to use the donations towards studio fees, marketing costs, printing and distribution. All the while with your involvement spreading our message of unity. 

This isn’t just entertainment; as a diverse group with different ethnicities and religions, we believe very strongly in highlighting that everybody should be entitled to believe in what they want. Overall, being in the Metal and Hardcore scene where fans come from all faiths and backgrounds, we feel that if you guys unite and work with us on this journey of celebrating individuality, with even the smallest contributions from you, we can make a difference in society and show how compassionate this ‘metal family’ of ours really is.

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