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Sep 17, 2015 3:00 PM ET

Archived: LET’S INSPIRE CHANGE: to supply school supplies to hundreds of students and many schools

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 17, 2015


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With your help we can support and supply these students to reach their greatest potential.

In America the thoughts of vision and a path to success are so ingrained in our culture yet I have seen first hand in Jamaica, Africa, and other cultures that those thoughts have been overshadowed by basic survival. Given training, and clear steps to the next level we can truly uplift and support the next generation into productive members of the planet.

In service to this mission, beginning September 1st I will be in Jamaica to supply school supplies to hundreds of students and many schools.  I will be there for several months supporting The Rockhouse Foundation, Heart Trust, and several others.

Heart Trust: http://www.heart-nta.org/About1

  • This program takes people that cannot afford schooling and gives them the opportunity to learn a skilled trade allowing them to be productive members of society. Cosmetology is one of their most sought after programs. Through various lectures and workshops I will teach, my goal is that these cosmetology students will leave with a highlighted path to accomplish there dreams; believe that they are worth it and more than capable.  

The Rockhouse Foundation:www.rockhousefoundation.org

  • An organization that has rebuilt 5 schools ready for closure due to lack of support and funds.  This inturn has allowed hundreds of kids to receive a proper education. In this program, I will be working with the children daily in these schools, teaching/tutoring. I will also be participating in big picture strategic planning, helping with local events, and other areas to bring awareness. These kids live in a very rural area of Jamaica and the support for the schools is close to zero, so increasing awareness is imperative to the success of these children and this foundation.


As time moves on, I am enlightened to what really matters for humanity and inspired to give just as much as I have been given in this life. With your support, together we can make the greatest impact. Seeds sown physically or financially equally spread love and show others in need that we are all here for each other.

Helping financially for these programs will not only assist in me being there to facilitate  this mission but primarily to bring new supplies to the schools, teaching, create extra curricular activities, and bless the students with filling various needs they may have.  It is important that each student obtains the correct tools to reach their greatest potential.

I want to thank you so much for your time and help in reaching these goals.  Thank you in advance for your donations. Please don’t think of any donation is too small or large; if even a mustard seed can move a mountain your donation can help impact the world.


What your money is doing:

Heart Trust

  • Beauty school kits (The basic tools to get through beauty school)
  • Hair supplies for students (combs, brushes, tools, etc.)
  • Items day of the workshops (food, handouts)
  • Shipping Items to Jamaica
  • Basic needs for being on location

Rockhouse Foundation

  • School supplies (pens, paper, notebooks, arts & crafts, etc.)
  • !!!Books!!! 
  • Toys (educational toys, games, and athletic supplies)
  • Food for the children
  • Shipping Items to Jamaica
  • Basic needs for being on location
Contact Information:

Andrea Pezzillo

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