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Sep 17, 2015 2:09 PM ET

Archived: ClipCHARGE: A smart and convenient way to power devices (iOS & Android) for all lifestyles–cables and brands

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 17, 2015






The Diagram




The Benefits of ClipCHARGE +|-™

  • Promotes freedom and comfort while charging all devices (3′.2″ ft. cable).
  • Lightning fast charging capabilities.
  • “Anti-tangle” cable management.
  • One-cable solution: charge, discharge and recharge (IOS® and Android® compatible).
  • Mobility: attaches to bags, backpacks, belt-loops and more.
  • Compactness: fits in pocket, purse or other compartment.
  • Stability: keeps charger from rolling-off work surfaces.
  • Prevents losing charger and cables.
  • Avoids forgetting charger and cables.
  • Frees-up wasted time + energy searching for your charger and cables in bags, suitcases… etc.



 The ClipCHARGE +|-™

Securing a standard battery-cell (with integrated cable management and “clipability”) is the backbone innovation of ClipCHARGE +|-™.

The battery cell (above) quickly snaps in-place under friction and is held firm using a non-slip rubber liner for added grip. 

Together, these features allow ClipCHARGE +|-™ to perform great in all environments and weather conditions — take it with you!


The Battery

ClipCHARGE +|-™ is undoubtedly a sleek and all-in-one SOLUTION and clips on most brands of battery cells.  It also keeps the battery from rolling-off of works surfaces which keeps all things under control and prevents damage!



The Cables

ClipCHARGE +|-™ allows for up to a 3.2 foot cable (38″ inch) to be secured–that is optimal in length as it gives the users enough freedom to use their devices during charging mode while:

  • sitting
  • standing 
  • or when in motion


The Cable Management 

ClipCHARGE +|-™ allows cables to be quickly managed and secured using either one of these two easy methods (shown above).

Tie-off: Our design incorporates two different sized holes. This unique feature allows cables with various thicknesses (brands) to integrate seamlessly within our management system.

Tuck: A second choice dodges the holes altogether… by simply tucking the Charging Cable onto itself during the last wrap!



The Integration

We designed ClipCHARGE +|-™ to go anywhere with ease!


Contact Information:

Brett Fischer

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