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Sep 16, 2015 4:20 PM ET

SYCAMORE AGE – Porta la nostra musica oltreconfine

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2015

SYCAMORE AGE – Porta la nostra musica oltreconfine

Hi everybody! We are Sycamore age

in a few weeks we are going to release in Europe our second album “Perfect Laughter”, distributed by Rough Trade Distribution. We are now scheduling autumn tour dates to support the release, about fifteen gigs all around France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Furthermore, as a part of promotional contents for european distribution, we ‘re going to shot a new videoclip, written and directed by Erika Errante.


We are very excited about this new adventure, which actually represent an amazing experience and a very important chance. That’s the reason why we’re inviting you here on Musicraiser, to give you a chance to support us spreading our music beyond our national borders. We’ve launched this crowdfunding campaign to support videoclip’s creation and cover the expences for “Perfect Laughter” ‘s international promotion. To take part in this challenging project you just have to choose one, or even more, of our exclusive perks, listed on the right of this page. We ‘ll take care of the rest.


Sycamore age are Stefano Santoni, Francesco Chimenti, Davide Andreoni, Luca Cherubini Celli, Samuel Angus McGehee, Nicola Mondani and Franco Pratesi. We’ve been playing together since 2010 and we are based in Arezzo, Tuscany. As soon as we started playing together we discovered that we share the same music concept, experimental music to compose pop songs.


Playing like children in a playpen. That’s what we mean for experimentation in music: the playpen is our tiny recording studio and our toys are strange instruments that we use to arrange songs. Just to list a few of them, greek bouzouki, indian hand-pumped organ, kid’s keyboards, strings, synths and many more.

We imagine music as an ever-changing art, like a paint that turns itself into something else time after time.


“Perfect Laughter” is our second record, released in Italy in February 2015. It’s a concept album about the relationshipbetween human kind and God. Obviously we never meant to reach an answer for such a complex case. Actually our aim is to raise new doubts about it, like supposing a God who creates the universe in a burst of laughter. A perfect laughter.

It has been enthusiastically reviewed by top music magazines in Italy, some of them underlining the international value of our work. Listen to “Perfect Laughter” on Spotify or Soundcloud (link above) and support us!


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