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Sep 16, 2015 10:51 AM ET

Archived: Happy Tax: A fresh, fun new way to prepare your taxes. Really.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2015

Happy Tax

A fresh, fun new way to prepare your taxes. Really.



Yes, yes, and sometimes. Happy Tax is a better way to do taxes, period. For taxpayers, and for our lucky franchisees.


We built and grew 99 tax preparation offices. During that time, we discovered a simple, shocking truth:

That’s not okay. Our thought is that they get away with it because if you needed a real professional, you’d go to a CPA. Sound legit?

It’s not.

So we built a better way.


Happy Tax is a simple solution to a complex problem. With Happy Tax, you get:

The experience of a certified tax geek (otherwise known as CPAs) who love what they do

The convenience of a concierge that can meet with you anytime, anywhere

Completely transparent, upfront pricing

If hiring a CPA is overkill, but you shudder at the thought of putting your return in the hands of a new college grad with five days of training, Happy Tax is going to make your day.


Happy Tax uses a patent-pending technology and process to give our customers a fresh new experience with exactly zero of the hassles that usually come with preparing taxes. Here’s how it works :

Step 1: A concierge meets with you on your terms—anytime, anywhere, including house calls.

Step 2: Our concierge then securely transmits your return to our team of highly-qualified CPAs, who prepare your return.

Step 3: 

That’s it. You get the convenience of a personal concierge and the confidence of knowing your return is prepared by a real, bona-fide tax professional.

The real power of the Happy Tax system is in the franchising model. We’re going to build a network of Happy Tax professionals all over the country, so no matter where you live, you can take advantage of a great tax experience.

For franchisees, the sky’s the limit. Our fees are significantly less typical franchise fees, and you get to run your own business with:

Franchises are our concierges. You don’t need to know taxes, because that’s what our CPAs are for. We’ll handle the taxes and provide you with the technology, tools, training, support, and resources you need to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Run a Happy Tax franchise as a side project, or make it your full-time job. With the flexibility of being mobile and incurring very little overhead, your Happy Tax franchise is what you make it.


The Happy Tax team is hard at work preparing for the coming tax season. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

The software infrastructure is in place and ready to be built upon.

Patents are pending on the Happy Tax technology and business process.

We’ve been awarded multiple trademarks.

We’re in talks with a potential bank partner.

We’re getting a lot of press attention.

As much as 100 leads per day are coming in from aspiring entrepreneurs inquiring about our franchising opportunities.   


As featured on Entrepreneur Magazine, Accounting Today, Venture Beat, The Franchise King, and Giga Startups.


Of the 150 million who file tax returns, the highest income earners (about 20 percent) will hire a private CPA.

The lower income earners (the bottom 20 percent) will use cheap retail establishments like H&R Block or Liberty Taxes.

Our target is the middle 60 percent: those who can’t afford or don’t want to hire a CPA, and who are uncomfortable using a “professional” tax preparer with as little as five days of training.

Targeting this middle 60 percent…


Our patent-pending business model is revolutionary: our franchisees don’t need tax experience or knowledge, employees, or a storefront. Our upfront fees are also incredibly affordable.

Interest is astoundingly high. 1,000 potential franchisees have already inquired, with 100 new leads coming in per day, and our sales team is actively closing franchising deals.


Here’s how the numbers play out:

We’ve set a realistic goal of 1,000 franchises by the end of the 2015 year.

  • 1,000 franchises X 200 returns each = $10 million in revenue
  • Royalties from 200 returns (at an average of $300 per return) = $10 million in revenue
  • Total revenue this year from these modest goals totals $20 million


For taxpayers:

Our patent-pending process and technology make it easy to have your taxes done by a certified CPA at an affordable price.

Our concierges provide an exceptional customer service anytime, anywhere, and can even make house calls.

For franchisees:

Our CEO is vastly experienced, the former owner of 99 tax practices across the country.

Our franchise fee is much lower than the competition, where $25-40,000 is not unheard of.

We offer superior support, tools, and technology.

With minimal overhead and investment, and a flexible schedule, we target a broader segment of the population who want to keep their existing job until they earn enough to join us full-time.


Meet the Executive Team


Mario Costanz – CEO

The Problem Solver 


Mario is a lifelong entrepreneur who has had a hand in the operation of 99 tax preparation offices across the country over the past 13 years in the industry. He has been nationally recognized for his support of franchisees and won numerous growth and marketing awards. He is the proud father of 3 children. He has been featured on dozens of television, radio and print articles throughout his career. His early entrepreneurial endeavors were started while working a full time job and raising his family. Mario started his first business, a pizzeria, at the tender age of 22. 16 years later, he sold his ownership interest in a chain of tax franchises and co-launched Happy Tax.


Kermit Uregar – COO

Entrepreneur & Operations Guru 


Kermit is an accomplished businessman who has owned businesses in many industries. They vary from the ownership and production of a handful of Off-Broadway Shows in New York City, a startup Fitness Blog and ecommerce stores. He has also owned, developed and managed multiple tax businesses throughout his career. Kermit graduated with honors for his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. He is not only a proud father of a beautiful daughter but also the husband of a lovely expecting wife.


Meet the Advisors


Frederick Adam – Advisor – Menlo Park, CA

Partner and business lawyer with Foley & Lardner LLP 




Scott Fletcher – Advisor – Paramus, NJ

National Sales Director at Primerica Financial Services 


28 years experience at the largest financial services marketing firm in North America with over 100,000 licensed representatives.


Michael Einbinder, Attorney – Advisor – New York, NY

Partner at Einbinder & Dunn, LLP 


Over thirty years legal experience as a franchise attorney with a broad range of legal and business skills.


Dan Martin – Advisor – San Diego, CA

CEO at IFX, Strategic Franchise Management 


Has 30 years of franchise management experience serving in the roles of franchisee, Area Developer and Advisor.

Contact Information:

Mario Costanz - CEO
Kermit Uregar - COO

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