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Sep 16, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Cyber Coach Smart: Supplier of online resources to primary schools that wants to expand the offering

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2015

Cyber Coach Smart




Cyber Coach Smart supplies a 12 month license to a website to primary schools in the UK and Ireland.

The website is run in the classroom on interactive white boards or in the school hall using a large screen and projector.

The website has hours of virtual dance and exercise instruction and dance mat games. It is used principally by teachers first thing in the morning to help wake up children before learning (known as “wake and shake”).

Presently, over 1600 schools subscribe at an average of £240.

Since September 2014, all primary schools have to teach at least one foreign language to all students 7-11 years old.

We found that the level of language qualification of the teachers who have been passed this responsibility is very often based on their study of the subject many years ago.

As Cyber Coach French is based on using songs and dances to teach French, there is no reliance on the teacher’s linguistic ability for lessons.



Cyber Coach French should help non-linguists feel comfortable that they are teaching the correct French pronunciation.

So far we have developed samples of:
lesson slides for interactive whiteboards, virtual lessons, some basic animations, some basic online games, online dances to french songs, conversations between native french speaking children, lesson plans, and schemes of work.

After offering this sample/prototype product to our existing customer base, a few have proceeded to purchase a 12 month licence (approx £5000 of sales have been achieved).

The investment will help establish a bigger and better resourced product development team.

After developing the French product, it is envisaged that we will move on to other subject areas.



Cyber Coach Smart has an established track record of developing online resources for primary schools and generating a subscription base.

We have trialed a number of features we intend to include in the completed French product and produced a minimum viable product which has been trialed and even sold to some of our existing customer base.




The money raised will be used to complete the French product following feedback from trials and put additional resources into ongoing development. It will also help to establish and resource an enlarged product development team.

We anticipate that the existing sales, customer service and sales teams can be grown organically to generate and maintain the subscription bases.

It is hoped that the additional revenue from the French product will be used to create a whole suite of products for primary schools.

Contact Information:

Glen Jones

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