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Archived: Belgium Company Creates A Wildly Popular Line Of Edible Plates And Utensils

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Helen, 25 years old, and Thibaut, 27 years old :

We’re two young Belgian designers and we have two passions in life : art and food. In order to associate both of them, there’s nothing better than going to exhibitions. It’s there that we became aware of a serious issue: at the buffet, a lot of plastic containers end up in the garbage at the end of the event. We decided to tackle the issue and asked ourselves : « why couldn’t we eat our plates ? ».

At the end of 2013, after doing a lot of research, we decided to start Do Eat with small edible food containers made out of potato starch that we called verrines. One of our objectives at Do Eat is to bring consumers to change their behaviors in relation to waste without even thinking about it. The main message we’d like to convey is ECOFUN, that is to say « doing your part for the environment while having fun». Fastforward one year and thanks to a business incubator and a successful fundraiser, we have now conquered the Belgian and French markets and are supported by many Michelin-starred chefs. We have sold 250 000 products so far, which has helped us finance our own employment, buy our equipment and hire our first collaborator : Daphne, Sales Representative at Do Eat.

Fabrication process :The containers are made from a matter composed of potato starch and water. They are covered with an innovating waterproofing substance, guaranteed 100 % healthy and natural. The waterproofing substance makes it possible for the container to withhold liquids like drinks, soups, warm recipes, chocolate mousses,… Why use the potato ? Because it features several advantages :

  • Its taste is neutral, which allows you to combine it with salty and/or sweet recipes ;
  • It can be customized with natural edible inks ;
  • It can be used in an oven or a deep-fryer;
  •  It does not contain any gluten ;
  • And above all, its main advantage is that it is edible.

Edible…and also naturally biodegradable !

Indeed, if the container is not eaten, it can be composted, since it is naturally biodegradable. A little rain is enough to make it vanish.

No more waste, no more dishes to wash. 

By creating Do Eat we wish to massively reduce production of plastic waste and make the world more ECOFUN.


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