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Sep 16, 2015 2:56 PM ET

Archived: Ange Boxall album: ‘INTO THE WIND’

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2015

Ange Boxall album: ‘INTO THE WIND’

The story of the project

This is a huge moment for me.
This album has been over three years in the making, during which time I’ve moved countries, given birth and moved interstate.
Having had no idea it would all be be such an ordeal.

Into The Wind is a homecoming album – it speaks of desires to be home; the fears, the joys, things changing, things staying the same. Of course, being the romantic that I am, I often weave my ideas and lyrics with metaphoric threads of love.

I’ve shed blood, sweat, money and many tears.
Here it is.
I am happy, I am relieved and I am proud.

Photo credit: Annabel Vere Photography

“Ange Boxall is a tender-hearted optimist whose songs are delicate, honest and glorious. Pretty melodies meet considered, beautiful lyrics. And her voice. It’s as lovely as her smile. Which is to say, it’s electric.” – Emma Swift, Double J / ABC Radio National.

Ange live on stage with the band members of the new album ‘Into The Wind’: John Jackson (Guitar), Bones Hillman (Upright Bass) and Marc Lacuesta (Backing Vocals) Music City Roots, Nashville USA.   Photo credit: Anthony Scarlati (USA)        

Described by musician friend Lachlan Bryan as “1 part English Rose, 1 part Tasmanian Devil and 1 part gin-soaked Southern Belle”, for over a decade I was a Tasmanian living in London who found a second (ok, third!) home in Nashville.
I’m now home home, proper home, back on the beautiful island of Tasmania.

“There IS a Tasmanian sound. It’s Ange Boxall. Wow!” – JD Souther (Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt)

Ange & JD Souther live onstage in Nashville.  Photo credit: Stacie Huckeba

                   ASH AND GOLD
                   (Ange Boxall / Tim Laurer / Angela Laurer)

                   If I could make the ocean smaller I could swim to any side

                   If I could mend the seams and edges I could wait ‘til I decide
                   But I cannot turn, I cannot turn, I cannot turn the tide

                   So I will wade through ash and gold and I will fade as I unfold
                   And feel what I cannot hold and be brave

East Coast Tasmania.   Photo by Ange

I’ve been calling ‘Into The Wind’ a “WORLD RECORD” – it’s been recorded across Nashville, London, Melbourne and Tasmania – just to keep things nice and easy 😉
It’s a collection of ten original songs, either self-penned or co-written.

Tracking the album in Nashville w/ John Jackson (Guitar/Banjo/Harmonica), Bones Hillman (Bass), Paul Griffith (Drums) and Marc Lacuesta (Producer/Engineer/Backing Vocals)

It began a while ago in Nashville with my producer (also of my ‘Writing Letters’ album) and good friend Marc Lacuesta. Lets just assume that Marc will probably never work with a pregnant lady EVER AGAIN! Gulp.

Ange recording in Nashville 5 months pregnant.   Photo credit: Dave Coleman

After much intensive recording I moved countries, had a baby, lost part of my brain, recorded more of the album, lost some confidence, moved interstate, gained back part of my brain, breathed and re-found my mojo somewhere by the sand and sea. I now have a happy  three old and I’m ready to release this new album!!!

Ange with Hattie recording vocals at Bakehouse Studios, Melbourne.  Photo credit: Michael Travalia

Hattie now – hugging the scarecrow we made at home

It has always been hugely important for me to remain an independent artist. Along the way I’ve recorded several albums, toured throughout the UK, parts of the EU, parts of Australia and across America several times.
The Australia Council for the Arts were very supportive and had enough faith to assist in funding my last trip to Nashville to write this album.

I’ve personally spent $13,000 on the recording side of the album but now I need YOUR help to get it OUT there!

Ange & Bones Hillman of Midnight Oil live onstage, Nashville USA
Photo credit: Amos Perrine (USA)

How the funds will be used

The Pozible funding will go towards finishing the album, promotion of the album, including making videos, and touring the album within Australia and parts of the US.  In funding the project you are also contributing to other independent artists also doing what they do best – most of the budgeted fees below are by professionals giving artist-to-artist rates and would be MUCH higher if I were to do this via a traditional record deal!

$1000  Mastering the album       
$550   Professional artworks     
$1500  Pressing the CD               
$2500 Making videos & animations                 
$3000 PR, promotion & touring (AUS & USA)   
$450   5% Pozible fee          

I have also applied for the Arts Tasmania ‘Crowbar’ funding scheme to coincide with the campaign which means that IF I reach my goal I will receive an additional $2,000 to further assist with the project. This extra funding will go directly towards touring to further promote the album – expensive but essential in releasing a new album.

For every pledge, Ange will donate $1 to the SAVE THE TASMANIAN DEVIL PROGRAM

Photo credit: Annabel Vere (UK)

MusicOZ Awards in Sydney          Photo credit: Musicoz


Musicians and collaborators on the album

Bones Hillman on Bass (Midnight Oil, Elizabeth Cook)
John Jackson on Guitars (Lucinda Williams, Shelby Lynn, Bob Dylan)
Paul Griffiths n Drums (KD Lang, John Prine)
Marc Lacuesta, Shannon Wright & Sara Beck on Backing Vocals
BJ Cole on Pedal Steel (Beck, Bjork, Sting)
Dave Coleman on Overdub Guitars (The Colemen)
Bill Chambers on Overdub Guitars/Steel (Kasey Chambers)

You can also visit my website, facebook page, bandcamp or twitter

I thank you IMMENSELY for being a part of this project, for your continued support and for supporting independent art  xx

Contact Information:

Ange Boxall

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