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Sep 15, 2015 8:35 AM ET

Archived: University Compare: A Course Comparison website for UK Higher Education – Over 27,000 Courses across 265 institutes

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2015

University Compare




University Compare offers an unbiased service to students while providing a digital platform for universities to advertise directly to their chosen demographic.

University Compare offers a subscription model for universities to connect with students that are looking study at higher education.

Offering a number of services that reflect the year-long university application process from:

– Annual profiles
– Open day exposure
– Clearing/adjustment
– Social media exposure



Students today are unsure of the benefits of applying to university and are not aware of the opportunities available for them. Ofsted also announced that 55% of all students struggle to find external support outside of their school.

Regardless of these difficulties that students face throughout their applications and despite the increase in tuition fees that the conservatives introduced in 2012, university applications have risen by 38% over the last 8 years, with over 3.3M university applications being processed in 2015 and this figure is only set to rise even further.


University Compare addresses the need for a digital market place for institutes to target potential students while helping students identify the right university and course for them.

We provide statistics on all 27,000 courses, such as; employment rates, average graduate salaries, student satisfaction and even the cost of a pint at your local bar, we’re able to offer a realistic perspective on the university experience. University Compare specialises in gaining reviews from former and current students who share their experiences online, they give a great insight into university life, similar to the reviews on TripAdvisor.



University Compare have already received over 100K SEIS funding over the past 30 months.

University Compare was nominated for:
– Best Newcomer 2014 by the prestigious Education Investor.
– Owen O’Neill was nominated for Essex Entrepreneur 2015.

Even though University Compare are the challenger brand, we believe we still have the strongest social network following amongst all of our current competitors, our social following across a number of channels is growing at an exponential of 50% month-on-month.




University Compare is already trading and the money raised via Seedrs will used to scale the company and target a further 126 Further education colleges that have not been targeted yet.

The use of the funds raised will allow us to double our team in size while creating more sophisticated advertisements to increase the digital awareness of the brand.

With the additional EIS investment, within 4 years we’d expect to build a business in the UK undergraduate and EU market, with possible expansion into America an Canada in late 2019.

Predicted costs over the next two years:

Y1: 79k
Y2: 96k

Y1: 5k
Y2: 9k

Y1: 25k
Y2: 40k

Y1: 10k
Y2: 14k

Contact Information:

Owen O'Neill
Adam Crabb
James Uffindell
Nigel Hopkinson
Chirs Caulkin
Andrew Barnesly

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