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Archived: Kidz Generation Is Revolutionizing Early Education With Its Innovative Microsoft Kinect Game

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Kidz Generation, an educational gaming company for young learners (ages 3-6), is pleased to announce that the development of its groundbreaking Microsoft Kinect game “City Builders” is fast underway!

Neuroscience affirms that 95% of the human brain is formed by age 6. With this in mind, the current climate of early education is in need of a paradigm shift and must include constructive compliments to education that precede traditional schooling and are interactive, play-based, but also include opportunities to acquire skill sets that are useful and applicable in the real world.

Microsoft Kinect technology is able to reach children in a fun and fascinating way. They can enter into virtual worlds, make virtual friends, and in the process learn more about the power of collaboration, leadership, service, spatial and social awareness…and in essence—themselves.

Learning only occurs when there is interest; that’s why Kidz Generation’s Microsoft Kinect games are designed to stimulate curiosity and present children with the opportunity to immerse themselves in colorful storylines written with a purpose.

In “City Builders” (designed for children between the ages of 3-6) children learn of an imaginary town that has been destroyed by a storm. The player is invited by a young character in the game to help build a new city for her people. Together, they learn about  shapes, geometry, the basic principles of quantity, and witness how geometry, math, and physics come together as they use these principles to build houses, shops, and eventually…a new city for a people in need.

As Cameron Ross Browne, Co-Founder and CEO of Kidz Generation explains, “We must introduce children to critical educational disciplines, like the S.T.E.M. subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as early as possible and educational gaming is an opportunity for us to do that. Children have enormous capabilities trapped inside them that often lie dormant for lack of stimulation. The secret to early education is stimulating children by positioning them—through interactive activities—to stimulate themselves, and by providing them with opportunities to take ownership of their own learning. That’s what ‘City Builders’ does, and that’s what Kidz Generation is all about.” Kidz Generation will launch their first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in support of “City Builders” in October, 2015.


About Cameron Ross Browne:

Cameron Ross Browne is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and former Captain in the United States Marine Corps. An experienced international educationalist, Cameron has served as a teacher, early education academic director, and educational entrepreneur in the U.S.A., China, and South Korea, and has conducted educational projects and initiatives on six continents.

Contact Information:

Cameron Ross Browne
CEO & Co-Founder, Kidz Generation
Skype: cameronrossbrowne

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